2020 Regional Conferences

The NAFEMS 2020 Regional Conference programme is currently being confirmed.

So far, the following conferences have been scheduled, with plans for additional events in Iberia, India and ASEAN regions to follow

DACH- May 11-13, Bamberg, Germany

NORDIC- May 26-27, Göteborg, Sweden

UK - June 9-10, Milton Keynes

CAASE20 - June 16-18, Indianapolis, USA

ASEAN - July 27, Singapore, Republic of Singapore

India - July 24-25, Bangalore, India

Eastern Europe - September 23-24, Prague, Czech Republic

Iberia - November 5, Barcelona, Spain

France- November 25-26, Paris, France



Full details of each event will be available shortly. For information on sponsorship, please contact the relevant regional representative.