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Focus on: Composites

Focus on CompositesFocus on: Composites

NAFEMS has been engaged in activities related to the application of numerical methods to the analysis and assessment of composite materials for many years. We have produced a significant number of resources in the field, and we've collected some of these together here.

Many of the resources below are available free for you to download, with others accessible exclusively to NAFEMS Members, e-library subscribers, or to buy directly from our website.

We hope you find this brief update useful. If you have any comments, or thoughts on future areas that you'd like to see us focus on in the future, please get in touch at

NAFEMS Composites Simulation Review - Volume 1

The NAFEMS Composites Working Group have identified numerous previously published papers and articles from past NAFEMS events and Benchmark Magazine, and selected 22 for Volume 1 of the NAFEMS Composites Simulation Review.


We've made the full publication available for all members

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A sample version being freely accessible

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Working Group at NAFEMS World CongressComposites Working Group

The Composites Working Group was formed in 2010. The mission of the group is to create awareness and education for the simulation of composites by gathering independent information and providing independent analysis of composites simulation capabilities and needs. The mission includes education, communication, promotion of standards, and identification of simulation requirements that will have general benefit.

The vision of the Composites Working Group is to create a cross-industry consortium in an end-user driven, vendor-neutral arena for discussing, sharing, and evolving engineering techniques and practices in the simulation of composite materials.

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Benchmark Composites EditionBenchmark Composites Edition

The July 2015 issue of BENCHMARK magazine focused on composites, and was put together with the help of the Composites Working Group. The magazine contains a number of excellent technical articles, ranging fromnonlinear multi-scale modelling of composites to a review of composites simulation tools.

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Papers from the NAFEMS World Congress

The NAFEMS World Congress is the only major international event dedicated to your community and your technology. Every aspect of analysis, modelling and simulation is addressed, covering numerous industries globally. There’s nothing quite like it.

We've made a selection of NAFEMS World Congress papers on composites from previous events available to download below

NWC19 took place in Quebec City, Canada, in June 2019. 2021 NAFEMS World Congres will take place in Austria and the call for papers is currently open. Visit for full details.


Finite-Element Based Vibration Fatigue Analysis of Composite Materials

NWC17 - Stockholm, Sweden

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Hypervelocity Impact Simulation On Hard Ballistic Composites

NWC15 - San Diego, CA, USA

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Predictive Methods & Challenges for cFRTP Hybrids

NWC17 - Stockholm, Sweden

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A New Method for the Engineering and Design of Endless Fiber Reinforced Components

NWC17 - Stockholm, Sweden

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Progressive Damage and Nonlinear Analysis of Discontinuous Long-Fiber Thermoplastic Composites

NWC15 - San Diego, CA, USA

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NAFEMS World Congress


The NAFEMS Composites Survey

The NAFEMS Composites Survey was carried out in 2012, in order to aid our understanding of the typical usage of finite element analysis for the simulation of composite materials and structures. Additional questions were designed to allow the working group to gain an understanding of the issues that concern engineers most at the moment.

The report summarises some of these findings, and outlines some of the conclusions drawn by the working group.




Material Testing for Manufacturing Process Simulation

Material testing plays an important role in generating the inputs for a manufacturing process simulation. Knowledge of accurate material properties is essential in producing a reliable model, and a simulation driven bottom-up approach to generating the properties links the microstructure to the observed macroscopic behaviour.

Materials testing can provide a means to generate the required input data; a top-down approach like this can address the uncertainties in a microscale modelling approach, but does provide some challenges of its own.

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Composite FEA - Online Training Course

This 5-session, live online course covers a range of topics, all aimed at structural designers and engineers. Composite systems include many more factors than conventional metallic structures.

The objective of this course is to break down the composite analysis process into clearly defined steps, give an overview of the physics involved and show how to successfully implement practical solutions using FEA.

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Structure Genome: A Revolutionary Multiscale Approach to Bridging Materials Genome and Structural Analysis

Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) aims to deliver the required infrastructure and training to accelerate discovery, developing, manufacturing, and deploying of advanced materials in a more expeditious and economical way. However, material by definition is a matter from which a thing can be made of. Ultimately speaking, it is not the material performance, but the structural performance or rather system performance we are after. Thus, materials genome must integrate with structural analysis to maximize the benefits of accelerated development of advanced structural materials.

This webinar, which gave an overview of the concept and how it can be applied, was held in February 2017 and presented by Dr. Wenbin Yu of Purdue University.

NAFEMS members can view the recording for free as part of their membership




NAFEMS events provide the engineering analysis community with invaluable opportunities to learn, network and present. We've collected some of the presentations on this topic together, and made them available for download below


Multiscale Analysis Of Micro-scale Stresses At The Laminate Free Edge

NAFEMS Americas Conference 2016


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Challenges In Robust Design Of Composite Architectured Materials

Seminar - Modelling and Simulation of Materials

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Structural Optimization of The Bell 525 Relentless Composite Structure

Seminar - Engineering Analysis & Simulation in the Aerospace Industry

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Composite Impact Investigations at AMRC – Material Model for Birdstrike

NAFEMS UK Conference 2016

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Composite Process Simulation: How Targeted Modelling Aids Streamlined Process Development

Seminar: Practicalities of Analysing Composites

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