The Big Issues

There are many Big Issues in the world at large today. Topics which regularly hit the headlines. That spark discussion, debate, and even argument. The World of Engineering Simulation is no different. 

At any given time there are certain key topics which capture the minds of the engineers using simulation technologies: topics they are keen to explore, to ask questions, and to find answers (if they exist).

NAFEMS seeks to provide a neutral forum to host the debate and enable the community to discuss these important topics. Engineers challenge the NAFEMS community to provide “thought leadership” in these areas, and we want to rise to this challenge and stimulate fruitful interactions.

Based on the subjects that have generated the most interest within the NAFEMS community, we’ve come up with our eight Big Issues of 2017:

And we are inviting YOU to have your say.

Click the links on the topics above to read the articles, and submit your thoughts and opinions.

A focal point for these discussions will be the NAFEMS World Congress in Stockholm from 11-14 June. The Big Issues will all be highlighted, presented on, and discussed. But we want to open up the debate beyond those who will be at the Congress.

You can have your say and contribute to the debate, by completing the brief five-minute (honestly!) survey here

We’ll also be publishing a series of articles on social media, designed to encourage the debate and stimulate discussion. Please add your comments and share the links with your colleagues. We’ll be sharing the results of the survey, adding any outcomes from the Congress discussions, and reporting on the findings.

This is your chance to make your voice heard.

Get involved in the discussion!