Simulation Driven Design Findings

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Simulation Driven Design (SDD) Findings
Take Time Now, Save Time and Money Later: Simulation in Design Pays Off


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(Note: This broadcast is part of the NAFEMS vendor series that allows various solutions providers the opportunity to deliver technical information to the NAFEMS community. NAFEMS does not endorse any vendor, but tries to provide an unbiased view of the marketplace.)

Today, manufacturers need to get more, and more complex, products to market faster. Faced with this challenge, some companies are, in fact, spending more time in the design phase -- using simulation during design -- in order to save time later. The report explores simulation-driven design, how and why it affects the number of physical prototypes and change orders and, in turn, its time and cost benefits. It also examines how top performers that use simulation-driven design optimize its use. In particular, it looks how they deal with the interface between simulation and CAD during design and analysis and measure product performance during these phases as well as how they train users. Finally, based on the analysis of best practices in these areas, it suggests steps other companies can take to implement and improve their use of simulation to improve product development cost, revenue, quality, and time-to-market performance.


Welcome & Introduction - Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS North American Representative

Benchmark Report - Chad Jackson, The Aberdeen Group

Q & A Session

Closing - Matthew Ladzinski, NAFEMS North American Representative

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