CAASE20 & CAASE18 Coverage

CAASE20 in the News 

Thinking about attending CAASE20, but not sure what to expect? Peruse through the following list of articles written leading up to, during, and following CAASE18, as well as articles about the upcoming CAASE20 event.

CAASE20 Keynote: Simulation Governance Can Carry You Through the Post-COVID World

Justifying Spending More on Simulation During a Crisis

CAASE20 Conference Launches With Twin Keynotes, IndyCar Simulation

CAASE20 Conference Preview

CAASE20 Conference Goes Virtual

CAASE20 Virtual Conference to Feature More than 200 Presentations

A New Engineering Paradigm

CAASE20: Simulation in the Age of COVID-19

CAASE20: AM-Focused Tracks and Talks in Upcoming Simulation Conference

CAASE20 Will Feature Simulation Training, IndyCar Night

'Crossing the Chasm' Author to Keynote CAASE20

Boosting Diversity in Computer Science and Engineering

Ford and the Future of Simulation


CAASE18 News


How to Fix Simulation by Going Lean -

Pushing Democratization Beyond a Buzzword at CAASE18 - DE

Don't Be Too Busy To Improve - Digital Engineering Magazine -DE

CAASE 2018 Highlights Design and Simulation Software for Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing Industry (3DPI)

What Do Blockchain and Engineering Have in Common -

Not Happy with Your Material's Properties? Make Your Own -


At the Conference

"Live from CAASE..." articles - Digital Engineering Magazine - DE

27 Interviews with Software Providers at CAASE (Youtube Channel) - DE



CAASE18 Conference Preview - DE

CAASE Keynotes to Cover Engineering's Most Pressing Issues - DE

The Dawn of AI Bounty Hunters - DE
(CAASE Keynote: Jerry Overton)

Communicate Better with Digital Tools and AR-VR Gear - DE
(CAASE Keynote: Caralynn Nowinski Collens)

Cars Will Have Souls, Personalities, Preferences - DE
(CAASE Keynote: Piero Aversa)

We Trust You, But You Still Need to Prove It - DE
(CAASE Keynote: Patrick Safarian)

FDA Addresses Use of FEA to Simulate and Validate Medical Devices - DE
(CAASE Keynote: Tina Morrison)

Engineering's Link to Blockchain - DE
(CAASE Keynote: Dan Robles)

One Simulation Conference to Attend in 2018 -