Important Updates & FAQs

With virtual conferences being a first for many of us, we wanted to provide you with a resource you can visit during CAASE20 for helpful advice and important updates.

Important Updates

  • Live Chat and Q&A: This will be available just before a presentation starts, during the presentation itself, and then when it is available again on-demand (while on the ON24 platform). While not ideal, we learned that the live chat and Q&A automatically end when the presentation ends. We explored all possibilities with ON24 engineers, but no feasible options worked out. So, if you're attending a presentation, be sure to submit your questions as they come to mind. These will be sent directly to the presenter.
  • Connection & Lag: Some networks cause slides to advance more slowly than others, so logging off your VPN is recommended. If your slides are behind, pushing F5 on your keyboard will refresh the page.
  • Certificates for Training Courses: We still have quite a bit of work to do during and after the conference ends. One of those items is pulling a report of everyone who attended the training and getting that information into our database, which we then use to send out certificates. It may take us 2-3 weeks to get all of this in order, but it will be automatically sent to you based on your engagement (i.e., if you’re attending complete sessions, we’ll be able to see that and account for it when we generate certificates – which will be emailed).
  • (For Presenters): How do I reply to individuals who asked questions during my presentation? Strangely, ON24 does not provide any identifying information in the email sent to you (as the presenter) until you click the reply button. Once you do that, you will see the name and email address of the individual who asked the question.
  • Training Courses: As explained leading up to and at the beginning of the conference, training courses were only available during the live conference and the few days that followed. At this time, none of the training courses are available on-demand, but the remainder of the conference materials are still available.



Step 1: Do not panic. Step 2: Read the next FAQ.

Note: If you happen to miss some or all of a presentation, there is just a small one-hour window after the presentation ends when it will be offline. This is when the ON24 platform converts the presentation into a recording. So, let's say that a presentation runs from 11:00am - 11:30am and you missed it. From (approximately) 11:30am - 12:30pm, that presentation may not be available. After 12:30pm, it will be available on-demand. We are working with the presenters to keep these presentation available on-demand for as long as possible, but we highly encourage you to watch all recordings of interest before Sunday, June 21st. After that the files will be transitioned to the NAFEMS Resource Center, which is a lengthy process given the number of recordings.

What do I do if I encounter technical issues?
Prior to joining CAASE20, we recommend you review ON24's minimum requirements.

In particular, we're anticipating several questions which will come down to browser related issues. We recommend that you use Chrome (preferred), FireFox, or Safari. While ON24's website states that it supports IE and Edge, we've found that is not always the case.

When I join a webcast, why is the layout condensed into a small area / spread over such a large area?
As you can guess by reading this question, the reason comes down to your screen resolution settings. We optimized for 1920 x 1080 based on guidance we received from the platform provider, but some of you will have higher resolution settings and others will have lower resolution settings. You are always welcomed to resize the windows when you attend a session.

What if my question is not covered?
Take a moment to review ON24's Event Help guide.

What if my question is not addressed in any of the responses or links provided above?
If you have other queries regarding CAASE20, please contact caase20@nafems.org. With thousands attending, and a team of two managing this event, we'll do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible. We just ask for your patience and understanding if you do not receive an immediate response.