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Vendor Viewpoint


If CFD is to continue its evolution, the people behind the software need to have a clear vision of how the technology will develop. NAFEMS prides itself on being fiercely code-independent – that’s a strength rather than a weakness. As opposed to keeping the software vendor community at arms-length, we welcome each and every company involved in developing the software, on an equal footing, so that the discussion around the technology features every voice not just one or two. So, we asked our vendor network to give us their thoughts on where CFD is heading; they did not disappoint. Here, we have a fascinating insight into how the CFD software community sees the next 10, 20, and even 50-100 years playing out, from their own unique perspectives.

Document Details

AuthorsBarkhudarov. M Hirt. C W Chawner. J Choudhury. D Fischer. S Galbiati. M Nobile. E Palfreyman. D Patel. B
TypeMagazine Article
Date 31st October 2022
OrganisationsFlow Science Cadence ANSYS Siemens Digital Industries Software Particleworks ESTECO SIMULIA EnginSoft UK Ltd


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