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Fertigung mit Toleranzen und Design mittels Simulation


Dr. Christoph Starke, Dr. Pierre Froment, and Nathan Chase from Siemens Industry Software GmbH presented on "Fertigung mit Toleranzen und Design mittels Simulation" (Manufacturing with Tolerances and Design through Simulation). The presentation focused on how manufacturing with tolerances and design through simulation can benefit from each other. The motivation behind their work is to achieve a reliable optimum in design, balancing what is possible with what is impossible in manufacturing processes. They emphasised maximising the airfoil glide ratio (CL/CD) with constraints on shock volume, load center, and avoiding geometry intersections. They presented optimization results showing significant improvements in glide ratio, shock volume, and center of loads from the baseline to the best design found within 300 evaluations. Their approach also included selecting promising candidates and assessing reliability through parameter variation, conformity assessment, and a typical Monte Carlo approach. A critical aspect of their study was the definition of uncertainties in parameters and the relationship between tolerances and parameters. They discussed the challenges in estimating statistical distributions of input parameters and the necessity of considering correlations between parameters. In summary, the presentation highlighted the manageability of the method, the importance of precise questioning to achieve specific goals, robust optimisations, determining maximum tolerances for manufacturing, assessing tolerances post-manufacturing, efficient and simple automation of the process chain, and the creation and use of surrogate models.

Document Details

AuthorsStarke. C Froment. P Chase. N
Date 25th October 2023
OrganisationSiemens Digital Industries Software


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