The Business Impact of Modeling and Simulation in Regulated Industries: Case Studies from Medical Devices

The development of medical devices poses the exciting challenge of working across multiple engineering and clinical disciplines to advance technologies for alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. With this opportunity comes the need to advance modeling and simulation technologies to more richly and deeply characterize human anatomy and physiology and predict the interaction with the devices. An additional challenge is that the classes of devices significantly impacting patient’s health are surgically implanted and remain in the body for 10-15 years.

Given these complexities and challenges that push the envelope of mechanistic modeling, is the investment in modeling and simulation technology worth it? What are the factors that contribute to the decision to pursue a modeling and simulation solution in comparison to empirical forms of evidence? These questions will be addressed through the use of two case studies demonstrating business value of investment in modeling and simulation as well as the impact on patient care.

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AuthorPalmer. M
Date 1st October 2020


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