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Alexander Ptchelintsev

Alexander Ptchelintsev

Alexander Ptchelintsev, NAFEMS Council Member

Alexander Ptchelintsev received his M.Sc. Degree (Honours) in Civil Engineering in 1984 from Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (Russia) and Ph.D. Degree in Structural Mechanics in 1989 from the same University.

During 1988-1998 he had been working as a Senior Scientist at All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection of the Ministry of Interior.  His research was in the field of fire resistance of steel and reinforced concrete structures. In 1994-95 and 1997-98 he was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship and Invited Scholarship at Building Research Institute and Waseda University in Japan. The studies in Japan involved thermal and structural analysis of structures exposed to localized fire and fire modelling. In 1998 he joined the Fire Technology laboratory of Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) as a Research Scientist where he continued his research in the field of fire safety science.

Since joining Nokia Research Center in 2001 as a Principal Scientist, Alexander has been a key contributor in projects related to design of robust phones and structural analysis of mobile terminals during the early stages of design. Later, after the acquisition of the mobile devices branch of Nokia by Microsoft, his area of research involved multi-disciplinary simulation and optimization of mobile terminals. Alexander was also leading a team responsible for the creation of a company-wide material library, which included material models, required for mechanical simulation.  This was a new area of research in the very dynamic and highly competitive telecommunication industry, therefore cooperation with the best analysts via the NAFEMS organization was essential for success.

Alexander has been the Project Manager at Stressfield Oy in Finland since July 2020. In 2024, he became Chief Application Engineer for EDR & Medeso Oy.

It is natural for Alexander, considering his background, to promote NAFEMS ideas to CIS countries where the need for more educated engineers equipped with the latest knowledge in engineering analysis and simulation is increasing due to fast economic growth.