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Anup Puri

Anup Puri

Anup Puri, NAFEMS Council Member

My first real involvement with Computer Aided Engineering came shortly after completing my Post Doctorate, when I was asked to investigate the Dynamic behaviour of the backplate of a washing machine that was experiencing centrifugal loads due to high spin rates. It was my first job around 1979, when I spent a few weeks to draw the mesh, punch the cards and then wait for some time for the solution. It seemed at the time that it was going to be the only computational analysis that I would be asked to perform in industry. 

Little was I to know in 1980, that FEM was to be a start of a new technological road that I had to plan and build Analysis Groups that were eventually going to automate the AeroMechanical facilities at the Marconi and now SELEX sas-(A Finmeccanica Company) at Stanmore. I worked long hours, often well into the night to familiarise with Finite Element codes and its commands. This eventually gave me extensive structural design and analysis experience on a wide range of military, commercial and civil aviation products.

Over the period of the last twenty-four years, I have been the main focal point in steering and directing much of Finite Element Techniques/ Methods development within the Marconi Group which has earned me international experience in the field of Aerospace, Marine and Space Technologies across our sites in the UK and North America. Over the period of time, I have championed the use of FEM through chairing of Specialist Interest Groups within GEC Marconi, BAE Systems, Defence Committees and various International Technical Boards.

Today, I now work as a Consultant for Defence & Aerospace industry in UK with Selex & BAE Systems. I also train & lecture Engineers/PostGraduates at Defence Training Establishments both here and overseas in CAE techniques/Methods & Airworthiness. I am an External Assessor to PostGraduates at universities in UK & India.