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Focus on: Simulation Data Management

Focus on: Simulation Data ManagementFocus on: Simulation Data Management

The effective management of simulation data and process information is increasingly important as simulation becomes a core business practice and organizations rely on simulation results as the basis for business decisions. “Simulation Data Management (SDM)” is a technology which uses database solutions to enable users to manage structures of simulation and process data across the complete product lifecycle. SDM artifacts can be data, models, processes, documents and metadata relevant to modeling, simulation, and analysis.

Over the past few years, NAFEMS has produced a significant number of resources on the subject, and we've collected some of these together here.

Many of the resources below are available free for you to download, with others accessible exclusively to NAFEMS Members, e-library subscribers, or to buy directly from our website.

We hope you find this brief update useful. If you have any comments, or thoughts on future areas that you'd like to see us focus on in the future, please get in touch at


Simulation Data Management Working Group

NAFEMS' technical activities are coordinated by a number of specialist working groups, drawn exclusively from the NAFEMS membership.

These working groups identify areas of interest to the analysis community that require new educational materials to be developed.

The Simulation Data Management Working Group addresses this breakthrough technology by helping the community better understand the benefits gained from implementing a Simulation Data Management system and how to save time, reduce development costs, and improve time-to-market.

View further details:

Working Group Page

You can get in touch with the Group by emailing



What is Simulation Data Management?

This introductory guide to Simulation Data Management, explaining some of the key concepts and terminology, is freely available to download. Handy as a refresher to your own knowledge, or to share with newcomers to the technology.

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Papers & Resources

A wealth of technical papers, articles & resources have been produced for NAFEMS events and journals, and NAFEMS Members have access to a wide range of these.

We've made some of the material on this subject available for download below.


Introduction of SDM at Eberspächer Exhaust Technology

This paper, by Carsten Eller and Dr. Joachim Hildebrand of Eberspächer Exhaust Technology GmbH, won Best SDM Paper at the 2017 NAFEMS World Congress that was held in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2017.

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15 Years of SPDM @ BMW

This presentation was made by J. Reicheneder at the NAFEMS European SPDM Conference that was held in Munich, Germany on 2-3 December 2015.


Simulation Data Management in Action

A summary of the recent NAFEMS SPDM Conference, which was held in Paris, France, in November 2017.

SDM in Action

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StressApps - An SPDM System for Aircraft Landing Gears Classical Analyses

This paper, by V. Raimbault & E. Benard, was presented at the NAFEMS SPDM Conference, part of NWC17, in Stockholm, Sweden.

StressApps Paper

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Simulation Data Management- The Next Challenges

The 3rd NAFEMS International SPDM Conference was held in June 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, alongside the NAFEMS World Congress 2017 (NWC17). With a packed programme of presentations, training courses and workshops, NWC17 was the largest NAFEMS event to date, and the SPDM Conference gave all attendees an excellent opportunity to learn more about SDM, how the industry is moving forward, and what the next steps may be. You can download the event summary here

Next Challenges Summary

Development of JET2, an SPDM Application for Atmospheric Dispersion

This paper, by S. Howell, was presented at the NAFEMS SPDM Conference, part of NWC17, in Stockholm, Sweden.

JET2 Paper

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Business Value from Simulation Data Management - a Decade of Production Experience

The purpose of this NAFEMS White Paper is to provide engineering management and simulation methods leaders with an understanding of the benefits to be derived by investing in SDM solutions, the costs of an SDM solution and to help communicate the potential value of an SDM investment to colleagues outside of engineering.


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Essential Principles of Simulation Data Management Training Course

NAFEMS now offers an in-house training course on SDM for companies who want to learn more about the technology. Simulation Data Management is not yet widely deployed in industry so SDM know-how is not widely available. This course provides a vendor-neutral introduction to SDM and how to use this technology successfully for your organisation. An Simulation Data Management evaluation and initial deployment can take 6 months to a year and cost €100,000 to €1Million so this course is a worthwhile investment to assure the success of the SDM project. This course has proved necessary because standard methodologies, for example for PLM deployment, while useful, have not proved sufficient to achieve successful SDM deployments.

In-House Training


European SPDM Conference

28 - 29 November 2018 | Munich, Germany

The European NAFEMS SPDM Conference will offer a unique forum where experts from different industries, academia, consultancies and software vendors will share their knowledge regarding Simulation Process and Data Management concepts and solutions covering a variety of topics.

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