Agenda & Content Line-Up


Agenda & Content Line-up

In the following sections, and in the CAASE20 Agenda (Now Available), we have provided:

  • An "At-a-Glance" agenda, which allows you to see the session date(s) and times
  • A listing of "Presentations, Training Courses, Workshops, and Panel Discussions," which are grouped by session title (in alphabetical order; keynotes being the exception). A we will publish a preliminary agenda with the submissions below grouped into tentative sessions.
  • A 225-page detailed listing for each presentation, training course, workshop, and panel discussion, which includes: Presenter Name, Company, Session Title, Presentation Date & Time, Intended Learning Outcome, Keywords, Abstract, Speaker Biography, and more!
  • Note: Training courses are no longer available on the on-demand version of CAASE20.


At-a-Glance Agenda (all times in EDT; New York)




Presentations, Training Courses, Workshops, and Panel Discussions

Note: Lvl 1 = Introductory, Lvl 2 = Intermediate, and Lvl 3 = Advanced (as assessed by the submitting author).

TypeTitle, Speaker, Company, and LevelSession Title
KeynoteChasms, Bowling Alleys, Tornadoes, and Main Street: High Tech Adoption in the 21st Century (G. Moore, Geoffrey Moore Consulting, LLC; Lvl: 1)Keynote: Day 1
KeynoteSimulation in the Modern Enterprise (M. Schnitger, Schnitger Corp; Lvl: 1)Keynote: Day 1
KeynoteSimulation Governance is Key to Delivering Best-of-Class Products in the Age of COVID-19 (M. Halpern, Gartner, Inc.; Lvl: 1)Keynote: Day 2
KeynoteIncreasing Diversity in the STEM Workforce Might Be Easier Than You Think (M. Klawe, Harvey Mudd College; Lvl: 1)Keynote: Day 3
PresentationUsing Thermal-Mechanical Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing for Performance Driven Space Flight Hardware Design (D. Anderson, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Lvl: 1)Additive Manufacturing 1
PresentationAdditive Manufacturing Applied in Cost & Weight Reduction Strategies in Automotive Components (C. Castro, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 1
PresentationVirtual Design, Validation, and Manufacturability for Metal Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing (R. Hoglund, Altair Engineering, Inc.; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 1
PresentationStructural Optimization of FRep Models and Their Additive Manufacturing (D. Popov, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 2
PresentationAssembly Consolidation in Additively Manufactured Waveguides (L. Salman, ANSYS Canada Ltd.; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 2
PresentationTowards High Throughput Simulations of Microstructure Mechanical Behavior in the AM Process (R. Saunders, Naval Research Laboratory; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 2
PresentationGeometrical Effects On Residual Stress and Distortion In Metal AM (L. Silva, Western Michigan University; Lvl: 1)Additive Manufacturing 2
PresentationPrediction of Microstructure within Additively Manufactured Parts through the Use of Finite Element Methods and Cellular Automata (M. Allen, TWI; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 3
PresentationRapid 3D Inspection of AM Components Using CT: From Defect Detection to Thermal Performance Simulation (C. Butler, Synopsys (N.E) Ltd; Lvl: 2)Additive Manufacturing 3
PresentationInternal Flow Optimization: Next Level Performance Driven Engineering & Additive Manufacturing (T. Cole, Dassault Systemes; Lvl: 1)Additive Manufacturing 3
PresentationTaking into Account Defects in Structural Simulation of Additively Manufactured or Casted Components (B. Lauterbach, Volume Graphics GmbH; Lvl: 3)Additive Manufacturing 3
PresentationApplication of a Composite Material Shell-Element Model in Ballistic Impact and Crush Simulations (T. Achstetter, George Mason University; Lvl: 2)Advanced Composites
PresentationOn Post Processing of Carbon Composite Tubes in Compression Simulations: Justification and Validation (R. Cutting, Composites Manufacturing & Simulation Center; Lvl: 2)Advanced Composites
PresentationCapturing Multi-Scale Response of Composites with Homogenization Techniques (V. Palaiokastritis, BETA CAE Systems SA; Lvl: 2)Advanced Composites
PresentationTensile Loading of 3D Woven Textile Composites: A Progressive Failure Analysis (D. Patel, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp; Lvl: 3)Advanced Composites
PresentationBig Data for Durability and Reliability Engineers (J. Aldred, HBM Prenscia nCode; Lvl: 1)Advanced Information Technologies 1
PresentationMonetizing Digital: Where Engineering Meets Dollars (J. Betts, Front End Analytics LLC; Lvl: 2)Advanced Information Technologies 1
PresentationEngineering Analytics for the Automotive Industry (R. McConnell, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Advanced Information Technologies 1
PresentationGeodesic Convolutional Neural Network for 3D Deep-Learning Based Surrogate Modeling and Optimization (P. Baqué, Neural Concept Ltd.; Lvl: 2)Advanced Information Technologies 2
PresentationPhysics Informed Machine Learning (PIMLᵀᴹ): Surrogate Models Providing Deeper Insights with Less Data (S. Gondipalle, Front End Analytics LLC; Lvl: 2)Advanced Information Technologies 2
PresentationNumerical Prediction of Electrochemical Machining Processes Using Multiphysics Computational Tools (J. Mendez, Corrdesa LLC; Lvl: 2)Advanced Materials & Multiphysics
PresentationCorrosion Modeling using Multiphysics Computational Fluid Dynamics – From Ideal to Real Conditions (J. Mendez, Corrdesa LLC; Lvl: 2)Advanced Materials & Multiphysics
PresentationMicroscale Modeling of Metal Filled Coating for Corrosion Protection (S. Palani, Corrdesa LLC; Lvl: 2)Advanced Materials & Multiphysics
PresentationUsing Electrochemical Simulation to Both Optimize Alloy Electroplating Plating and Predict the Consequent Impact on Product Corrosion Resistance (A. Rose, Corrdesa LLC; Lvl: 2)Advanced Materials & Multiphysics
PresentationOptimizing the Performance of Adhesives Using Experiments and Predictive Simulations (S. Akarapu, 3M Company; Lvl: 3)Advanced Materials Engineering
PresentationDynamic Response and Viscoelastic Heating of Elastomer Seals (A. Al-Quraishi, National Oilwell Varco Rig Systems; Lvl: 2)Advanced Materials Engineering
PresentationNumerical Analysis and Behavior of Ultra High-Performance Concrete (K. Bilal, Stantec; Lvl: 2)Advanced Materials Engineering
PresentationThe Coming Engineering Analysis and Simulation Transformation (A. Ayala, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 3)AI-Guided Simulation
PresentationDesigning the Future with Optimization-Led Design & AI/ML Solution (A. Farahani, ETA Engineering Tech. Assoc.; Lvl: 3)AI-Guided Simulation
PresentationHeuristic Search for Optimal Breakpoints in Engine Mapping (G. Festag, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 3)AI-Guided Simulation
PresentationDevelopment of a Real-Time Engine Temperature Monitoring System, Using AI Based on Accurate and Validated Thermal Simulation Data (C. Semler, MAYA HTT; Lvl: 2)AI-Guided Simulation
PresentationA Computational Approach to Designing an Optimal Urea Mixer in a Diesel Exhaust System (S. Mishra, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 3)CFD 1
PresentationModeling Multiphase Flow in the GORE Mercury Control System (V. Rakesh, W.L. Gore & Associates; Lvl: 2)CFD 1
PresentationA New CFD Based Fire Risk Metric for Refrigerant Leakage Scenarios (M. Tabaddor, Underwriters Laboratories Inc; Lvl: 2)CFD 1
PresentationYou already know about FVM or LBM? Discover SPH! (A. BANNIER, NEXTFLOW Software; Lvl: 2)CFD 2
PresentationFully Coupled Conjugate Heat Transfer between 1D and 3D CFD (R. Euerby, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)CFD 2
Presentation3D Modeling of Fuel Cells with a Complex Multi-Phase Approach: A Study on Geometry Influence. (C. Locci, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 3)CFD 2
PresentationOn Simulating Liquid Atomization Processes with High Fidelity and Speed (M. Sami, ANSYS Inc.; Lvl: 3)CFD 2
PresentationUsing Vehicle Driver Population Variability to Identify Population Segments with Higher Injury Risk (N. Gaul, RAMDO Solutions, LLC; Lvl: 1)Crash, Impact & Shock
PresentationImpact Testing and Constitutive Modeling of PC for Failure Modeling (S. Teller, Veryst Engineering LLC; Lvl: 3)Crash, Impact & Shock
PresentationCultural Challenges - Growing a Small Business Through a Lessons Learned Approach (A. Entwistle, McCormick Stevenson Corporation; Lvl: 1)Cultural Challenges
PresentationMaking Believers out of Non-Believers: Psychology behind Transformation (C. Johar, AAON Inc; Lvl: 2)Cultural Challenges
PresentationHow to Justify Increasing the use of Engineering Simulation in Your Company during and after COVID-19 (R. Keene, Consultant (Roger Keene); Lvl: )Cultural Challenges
PresentationThe Two-Year-Old Revolution at the Community – Status and Next Steps (M. Panthaki,; Lvl: 1)Cultural Challenges
PresentationAn Update from the ASSESS Initiative (J. Walsh, The ASSESS Initiative; Lvl: 2)Cultural Challenges
PresentationDemocratization of a Simulation Process Using a Workflow Engine and a SPDM Framework (N. Kasarekar, ESTECO North America, Inc.; Lvl: 2)Data Management 1
PresentationUtilizing SPDM to Democratize Complex Design Analysis and Generate Data Trends (J. Tyrus, Dana Holding Corporation; Lvl: 2)Data Management 1
PresentationUnderstanding the “Connected” Digital Enterprise (J. Zahner, Sigmetrix; Lvl: 1)Data Management 1
PresentationOpen Data Formats in Commercial FEA Software (K. Walker, MSC Software; Lvl: 2)Data Management 2
PresentationVMAP Enabling Interoperability in Integrated CAE Simulation Workflows (K. Wolf, Fraunhofer SCAI; Lvl: 3)Data Management 2
PresentationAn Industry Workflow to Integrate Simulation Data into a Unity Application (T. Cline, Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies; Lvl: 1)Data Management 3
WorkshopHow to Get Started with Simulation Process and Data Management (M. Norris, the SDMConsultancy; Lvl: 1)Data Management 3
PresentationDemocratization of Simulation and Optimization Leads to Effective Decision Making at Cummins (K. Brittain, Cummins - STC; Lvl: 2)Democratization
PresentationThe Case for Democratizing Simulation - Where Engineering Meets Dollars (S. Dewhurst, EASA Software; Lvl: 2)Democratization
PresentationImplementing Simulation Earlier in the Design Process (G. Westwater, Fisher Controls International LLC; Lvl: 2)Democratization
PresentationThe Rise of the Digital Twin (S. Ferguson, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 1)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 1
PresentationThe Role of Analytics in the Digital Twin (G. Jones, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 1
PresentationDigital Thread Based Verification Management Solution (G. Roth, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 1
PresentationReal-Time Structural Integrity Evaluation Combining Digital Twin, Instrumentation and Finite Element Simulation (T. Roudier, E-Sim Solutions; Lvl: 2)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 1
PresentationReal Digital Twin for a Complex Process (A. Alizadeh, Front End Analytics LLC; Lvl: 2)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 2
PresentationSimulation-Based Digital Twins for Improved Asset Operation and Maintenance Management (A. Jatale, ANSYS Inc.; Lvl: 3)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 2
PresentationA Coherent Digital Thread as Enabler for Systems Thinking Across the System Lifecycle - Where’s the Simulation? (E. Mottola, Toyota Motor Europe Technical Centre & M. Panthaki, ARAS Corporation; Lvl: 2)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 2
PresentationDigital Twin – Its Maturity Levels and Related Impact on Business Maturity and Competitive Position (F. Popielas, SMS_Thinktank; Lvl: 2)Digital Threads & Digital Twins 2
PresentationCAE-Driven Accelerated Durability Test for Carbon Canister Bracket Assembly (P. Darbandi, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 3)Durability & Damage Tolerance
PresentationVirtual Simulation of Coupled Weld-Rupture Analysis of Automotive Assemblies (Y. Gooroochurn, ESI North America; Lvl: 2)Durability & Damage Tolerance
PresentationA Computer-Aided Engineering Method for Fan Blade Durability Assessment (V. Zamani, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 3)Durability & Damage Tolerance
PresentationMultiphysics Modeling: Electro-Thermal Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine for Electrical Vehicles (K. Illa, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)Electromagnetics & Electrostatics
PresentationElectromagnetic Simulations for Antenna Design and Its Placement, RF Interference Analysis and Lightning Strike for Aerospace Applications (P. Jha, VIAS; Lvl: 3)Electromagnetics & Electrostatics
PresentationDesign Challenges of Millimeter-Wave Beam-Steered Phased Array Transceiver for 5G Applications (L. Salman, ANSYS Canada Ltd.; Lvl: 2)Electromagnetics & Electrostatics
PresentationEnabling the Digitalization of Transformers (J. Wanjiku, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 1)Electromagnetics & Electrostatics
PresentationNorthrop Grumman Creating a 20-Node Hexahedral Element Model: An Innovative Solution to an Old Problem (J. Pura, MSC Software; Lvl: 2)FEA
PresentationCombined DEM and FEA Approach for Process Simulation of Granular Media (S. Sarkar, ESSS; Lvl: 2)FEA
PresentationUsing Spline-Based Structural Simulation for Higher Accuracy and Faster Computation Speed (M. Sederberg, Coreform LLC; Lvl: 1)FEA
PresentationSimulation Tools for Designers: Generative Design and Meshless Simulation (J. Coors-Blankenship, PTC; Lvl: 2)Generative Design 1
PresentationTechniques for Generating and Simulating Lattice Structures (A. Vlahinos, Advanced Engineering Solutions LLC; Lvl: 2)Generative Design 1
PresentationAdditively Manufactured High Performance Heat Exchangers (M. Vlahinos, nTopology; Lvl: 2)Generative Design 1
WorkshopUnderstanding a Generative Design Enabled Design Process Paradigm Shift (J. Walsh, The ASSESS Initiative; Lvl: 2)Generative Design 2
PresentationGenerative Design Use Case Requirements Assessment (J. Walsh, intrinSIM LLC; Lvl: )Generative Design 2
PresentationWill the Cloud Ever Work for HPC? (R. Knoechel, Oracle; Lvl: 2)HPC & Cloud
PresentationChoosing Between Managed HPC Clusters and Cloud for CAE - Challenges and Opportunities (R. Mach, TotalCAE; Lvl: 2)HPC & Cloud
PresentationThe Effect of InfiniBand and In-Network Computing on CAE Simulations (Y. Qin, HPC-AI Advisory Council; Lvl: 3)HPC & Cloud
PresentationMaximizing Eigenfrequencies of PCB (R. Helfrich, INTES GmbH; Lvl: 3)Innovative Applications
PresentationSimulation for Developing Autonomous Vehicles in Context of the Indy Autonomous Challenge (S. Mittal, ANSYS, Inc.; Lvl: 2)Innovative Applications
PresentationDynamic CT and Opportunities for Advancement of Validated Modeling & Simulation (J. Topich, Kinetic Vision; Lvl: 3)Innovative Applications
PresentationAn Effective Approach for Elimination of Scrap Accumulation in Mass Stamping Production of Sheet Metals (A. Camanho, ESI North America; Lvl: 2)Manufacturing Process Simulation
PresentationAn Introduction to Manufacturing Simulation and Smart Manufacturing (J. Huang, Ryobi Die Casting, USA; Lvl: 2)Manufacturing Process Simulation
PresentationLeveraging the Equivalance of I1-J2 and p-q Space to Simulate Powder Compaction Process (K. Kartikeya, ANSYS India; Lvl: 2)Manufacturing Process Simulation
PresentationMission Focused MBSE (D. McCary, SAIC; Lvl: 1)MBE 1
PresentationThe Future of Performance Design with MBSE Approach Using the Example of an Electric Powertrain (T. Reimer, Dassault Systemes Deutschland GmbH; Lvl: 2)MBE 1
PresentationIntegrating Analysis with a Model-Based Feature Information Network (MFIN) (D. Seidensticker, MSC Software; Lvl: 1)MBE 1
PresentationAutomation and Design Space Exploration for Improved ADAS Feature Performance (A. Bhivare, Ford Motor Company; Lvl: 2)MBE 2
PresentationNew Ways to Create and Share High-Fidelity Simulation Insights Across the Product Lifecycle, to Increase Analyst Productivity and Improve Product Quality (P. Mandava, Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc; Lvl: 2)MBE 2
PresentationVehicle NVH Analysis Based on Loads from a Multi Body Simulation - An Integrated Solution (M. Herbst, BETA CAE Systems SA; Lvl: 3)Multibody
PresentationOptimizing Dynamic Mechanisms Using CAE: Best Practices to Select the Design Variables and Objective Functions (S. Kim, FunctionBay, Inc; Lvl: 1)Multibody
PresentationIntegrated Multi-disciplinary System Simulation with Streamlined Coupling Between FEA, Motion, DEM and Controls (K. Sundaresh, Altair Engineering, Inc.; Lvl: 2)Multibody
PresentationUsing FEA, CFD, and Reliability Physics to Investigate Electronic Component Failure Behavior (T. Ferris, ANSYS; Lvl: 1)Multiscale & Multiphysics 1
PresentationBattery Aging Prediction for a Real-World Driving Cycle (K. Illa, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 1
PresentationSystem Level Electromagnetic and Thermal Co-Optimization for ECU Design (J. Liu, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 1
PresentationElectro-Mechanical Collaboration for Board-Level Thermal Analysis: An Integrated Approach for Design Optimization (Y. Sigmen, MAYA HTT; Lvl: 1)Multiscale & Multiphysics 1
PresentationDecreasing The Need For Prototyping By Taking A Coupled Approach To Complex Problems (J. Crist, EnginSoft USA; Lvl: 1)Multiscale & Multiphysics 2
PresentationMultiphysics Finite-Element Modeling for Vibration and Noise of Variable-Speed Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor (H. Niu, ANSYS Inc.; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 2
PresentationAvoiding the Tipping Point: Using Quad-Physics to Optimize the Conveyance of a Fluid Product in Flexible Packaging (B. Ross, MotionPort; Lvl: 1)Multiscale & Multiphysics 2
PresentationMultiscale Characterization of the Mechanical Behavior of Metals from Finite Element Simulation of Crystal Microstructures (R. Mclendon, Dassault Systemes, SIMULIA; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 3
PresentationIntegrating Different Tools in Engine Simulation to Advance Towards a Conjugate Heat Transfer Solution (A. Megel, Southwest Research Institute; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 3
PresentationAn Integrated Workflow for Modeling Fiber-Reinforced Plastics with Multiscale Material Models (Y. Shi, Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corp; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 3
PresentationSimulation is Childs Play, Broken Toys Aren’t (R. Stupplebeen, Optimal Device; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 3
PresentationFSI and Exergetic Analyses of Flexible vs. Rigid Pitching Airfoil (K. Fouladi, InfoMec Consulting; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 4
PresentationEstimation of Material Properties of Noise Control Treatments from Random Incidence Transmission Loss Measurements (W. Yang, ESI North America; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 4
PresentationPerformance Benchmark of Fully Coupled Multiscale Simulations Using an Adaptive Multiscale Scheme (K. Malusare, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)Multiscale & Multiphysics 5
PresentationSoftware Architecture and Hierarchy of the NASA Multiscale Analysis Tool (E. Pineda, NASA Glenn Research Center; Lvl: 1)Multiscale & Multiphysics 5
PresentationApplication of the NASA Multiscale Analysis Tool: Multiscale Integration and Interoperability (T. Ricks, NASA Glenn Research Center; Lvl: 1)Multiscale & Multiphysics 5
TrainingComposites (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 1
TrainingEffective Postprocessing of Structural Analyses (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: )NAFEMS Training: Day 1
TrainingNonlinear Analysis (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 1
TrainingElements of Turbulence Modelling (K. Fouladi, InfoMec Consulting; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 1
TrainingDynamic Finite Element Analysis (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 2
TrainingStructural Optimization - Topology Optimization and Generative Design (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 2
TrainingCFD for Structural Designers and Analysts (K. Fouladi, InfoMec Consulting; Lvl: 1)NAFEMS Training: Day 2
TrainingIntroduction to Practical CFD (K. Fouladi, InfoMec Consulting; Lvl: 1)NAFEMS Training: Day 2
TrainingFatigue Analysis (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 3
TrainingJoints and Connections (T. Abbey, FETraining; Lvl: 2)NAFEMS Training: Day 3
PresentationConcept Structure Engineering and Optimization (A. Iti, Dassault Systemes CATIA; Lvl: 1)Optimization 1
PresentationAdjoint for Scale Resolving Simulation (T. Jadhav, ANSYS India; Lvl: 2)Optimization 1
PresentationLate Design Stage Optimization as an Important Task of the Product Development (G. Korbetis, BETA CAE Systems SA; Lvl: 2)Optimization 1
PresentationA Complete Framework for DOE Studies in Occupant Protection (N. Tzolas, BETA CAE Systems SA; Lvl: 3)Optimization 1
PresentationOptimizing Residual Thermal Stresses in High-Temperature Battery Cells (A. Ajdari, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates; Lvl: 3)Optimization 2
PresentationCombined Multi-Disciplinary Design Study and Structural Optimization Approach to Design Parts for Additive Manufacturing (R. Bokil, Vanderplaats Research & Development; Lvl: 1)Optimization 2
PresentationMAST: Multidisciplinary-Design Adaptation and Sensitivity Toolkit (D. Neiferd, Air Force Research Laboratory; Lvl: 2)Optimization 2
PresentationDesign and Optimization of Cooling System Component for Enhanced Airflow (R. Mallyala, Dassault Systèmes; Lvl: 2)Optimization 3
PresentationOptimized Gun Barrel Based on Numerical Simulation to Produce Oil With Low BSW Content (U. Montañez Villamizar, PROCTEK SAS; Lvl: 2)Optimization 3
PresentationAutomating CAD to CAE Preprocessing for Parametric Optimization Iterations (G. Roth, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)Optimization 3
PresentationThe Importance of Expensive Constraint Handling for Optimization Performance (C. Feridunoglu, Empower Operations Corp.; Lvl: 2)Optimization 4
PresentationDesign Optimization of CNG Vessels Transportation (Z. Wen, Esteco SPA; Lvl: 2)Optimization 4
PresentationImplementing Simulation Governance & Democratization (S. Bhogle, Detroit Engineered Products; Lvl: 3)Simulation Governance 1
PresentationMost Effective ROI Models for Simulation Applications: Answers from Research (C. Jackson, Lifecycle Insights; Lvl: 2)Simulation Governance 1
PresentationKeeping a Large Enterprise Engaged in the Journey from Test-Centered Product/Process Development to Simulation-Led Product/Process Development (D. Meffert, Caterpillar Inc.; Lvl: 1)Simulation Governance 1
PresentationUsing Machine Readable Physics for Simulation Governance and Democratization (J. Szarazi, Digitalweavers; Lvl: 1)Simulation Governance 1
PresentationReinvesting Cost Optimization Savings to Fuel Digital transformation (L. Cole, Open iT, Inc.; Lvl: 1)Simulation Governance 2
WorkshopSimulations Reality - How Simulation Can Act Like a Vehicle Loan from Tony Soprano’s Jersey State Credit Union (M. Zebrowski, Consultant (Ford Motor Company, Retired); Lvl: 2)Simulation Governance 2
PresentationA Study of Structural Analysis for the Module of Pouch Type Battery, Including Swelling Effect (Y. Hahn, Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA Corp; Lvl: 2)Structural Analysis 1
PresentationNext Generation Contact Analysis (R. Helfrich, INTES GmbH; Lvl: 3)Structural Analysis 1
PresentationDurability Analysis of Tires at High Speed (W. Mars, Endurica; Lvl: 2)Structural Analysis 1
PresentationStanding Waves in Tires at High Speed (G. Paudel, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA Corp; Lvl: 2)Structural Analysis 1
PresentationOptimisation of the strength of a Composite Floor System by Numerical Simulation of Steel and Concrete interaction (H. Bastien, CREAFORM; Lvl: 3)Structural Analysis 2
WorkshopGETTING BOUNCED: Pogo Stick Loads and Durability (T. Hunter, Wolf Star Technologies; Lvl: 2)Structural Analysis 2
PresentationCan You Crack the Crush Tube? A Nonlinear Deformation Challenge Problem (S. Huston, Ingersoll Rand; Lvl: )Structural Analysis 2
PresentationIntroduction of a Generic and Independent XML-based Physical Description Language “SMILE” (D. Friedemann, HTW Berlin; Lvl: 2)Systems Modeling & Simulation
PresentationSystems Modeling and Simulation Community (SMS Community) (F. Popielas, SMS_Thinktank; Lvl: )Systems Modeling & Simulation
PresentationCalculation of Rolling Resistance for Off-Road Vehicles and Its Impact on Real Time Energy Simulations (A. Shrimali, John Deere India Pvt Ltd; Lvl: 2)Systems Modeling & Simulation
PresentationReducing Physical Prototyping Via Real-Time Compliant Vehicle Dynamics Models (H. Kolera-Gokula, MSC Software; Lvl: 3)Systems Thinking
PresentationAutomated Workflow for Reliability Analysis of Through Silicon Vias in 3-D Interconnects (K. Khan, ANSYS India; Lvl: 2)Thermomechanical
PresentationWear Modeling of Brake Pad Due to Friction & Heat Generation between the Contacting Surfaces (S. Maiti, VIAS; Lvl: 2)Thermomechanical
PresentationLeveraging Boundary Condition Independent Reduced Order Models (J. Wilson, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 1)Thermomechanical
PresentationThermal Effect on Headlamp Lighting Performance (I. Yavuz, ANSYS Inc.; Lvl: 2)Thermomechanical
PresentationStatistical Model Validation & Calibration for Virtual Product Design (K. Choi, RAMDO Solutions, LLC; Lvl: 2)Uncertainty Quantification 1
PresentationUncertainty Quantification and Digital Engineering Applications in Design and Life Cycle Management (G. Jones, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Uncertainty Quantification 1
PresentationNarrowing the Simulation – Test Gap with Statistical Calibration (G. Jones, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Uncertainty Quantification 1
PresentationWhat Are the Chances of the Ship Snapping? Considerations When Using Probabilistic Analysis (A. Karl, Rolls-Royce Corporation; Lvl: )Uncertainty Quantification 2
TrainingIntroduction to Probabilistic Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification (G. Jones, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Uncertainty Quantification 3
TrainingUncertainty Quantification with Complex Data (G. Jones, SmartUQ; Lvl: 2)Uncertainty Quantification 4
PresentationApplication of a Verification and Validation Framework for Establishing Trust in Model Predictions (J. Hartl, Purdue University; Lvl: 2)Verification & Validation 1
PresentationUsing Statistical Calibration for Model Verification and Validation, Diagnosis of Model Inadequacy and Improving Simulation Accuracy (R. McConnell, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Verification & Validation 1
PresentationImproving PDC times: Virtual validation using rapid prototyping, FEA & 3D scan (M. Mendoza Vazquez, Autoliv Mexico; Lvl: 1)Verification & Validation 1
PresentationWhy Do My CAE Results Not Correlate with Test Results? (G. Roth, Siemens Digital Industries Software; Lvl: 2)Verification & Validation 1
PresentationPredictive Analytics and Uncertainty Quantification of a Microwave Ablation Simulation with Spatial and Transient Responses (G. Jones, SmartUQ; Lvl: 1)Verification & Validation 2
PresentationAssessing Computational Model Credibility Using a Risk-Based Framework: Application to Tibial Tray Component Strength (L. Knudsen, Syncroness; Lvl: 2)Verification & Validation 2
PresentationAn End-to-End Example of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification (R. Actis, ESRD, Inc.; Lvl: 2)Verification & Validation 3
PresentationAccounting for Variability in NVH Design to Achieve Higher Customer Satisfaction (N. Gaul, RAMDO Solutions, LLC; Lvl: 1)Verification & Validation 3
PresentationV&V 3D Fatigue Crack Growth Modeling: From Deterministic to Uncertainty Quantification Assessment (A. Loghin, Simmetrix Inc.; Lvl: 2)Verification & Validation 3
PresentationUncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Risk Assessment for a Fleet of Layered Pressure Vessels (D. Riha, Southwest Research Institute; Lvl: 2)Verification & Validation 3