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SDM Community of Practice Activities

Simulation Data Management Community Meeting

SDM Community of Practice Activities

Online | Thursday 12 January 2022

16:00 GMT (London), 17:00 CET (Berlin)
08:00 PST (Los Angeles), 11:00 EST (New York)

The NAFEMS Simulation Data Management Community is open to everyone with an interest in SDM.
This open community meeting will provide an update on the current activities of the SDM Working Group, details on how you can get involved, and an invited presentation with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss with the presenters.

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SDM Community of Practice Activities

A wealth of experience of Simulation Data Management practices has been built up over the past two decades, but has not recently been documented as practices or best-practices. A first attempt to codify Simulation Data Management was made by leading German Automotive OEMs through VDA (the German Automotive Industry Association) as recommendations 4967 and 4969, but these naturally focussed on the needs of an Automotive OEM. The first Best-practice describes the de-facto standard core SDM data-model.

Recent projects to deploy SDM across organisations with diverse simulation activities have highlighted the need for an effective and efficient approach to building integrations between many tens of simulation applications and SDM solutions. There is a broad consensus and industrial experience that a neutral framework using standard protocols and a standardised parameter set can accelerate connector development while reducing risk and cost. The second practice will address a standard connector framework architecture which will be platform independent.

Abercus, a UK-based CFD consultancy, developed their own SDM for CFD which assures the traceability of their safety-critical simulations and supported ISO9001 certification whilst saving analysts time at the point of use. The approaches developed in this CFD SDM have stood the test of time for two decades. They will form the basis of a Best-practice for SDM of CFD for "external" flows and have proved relevant to plasma physics simulations.


Welcome & Introduction

Invited Presentation: SDM Community of Practice Activities
Mark Norris
The SDM Consultancy

Q​&A and Discussion

S​DM Working Group Update
B​est Practice

R​eview Meeting Follow-ups

Around the Table


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About the presenters

Mark Norris began his engineering career developing a method for the simulation of crack propagation in aircraft structures. He has 35 years of experience of consulting and implementation of information systems for industrial companies.  These include Simulation, Computer Aided Design, EDM, PDM, PLM and Simulation Data Management. He has worked for industrial companies, a research institute, software vendors and a leading IT/Engineering consultancy. Half his working life has been spent in France. He has delivered projects for companies in the sectors of Aerospace, Defence, Gas Turbines, Shipbuilding, Automobile, Industrial machinery and Consumer Goods.

Mark believes in Best Practices, Methodologies and Training as key factors in the successful deployment of information systems. He has taught and practiced Solution Delivery and consulting methodologies. He has developed training materials for Aerospace PLM user training for a Defence company and trained 900 engineers. He developed and delivers the NAFEMS Simulation Data Management training course. He is the author of the NAFEMS Simulation Data Management Business Value White Paper and 10’s of papers, articles and presentations to international conferences on SDM and SDM deployment. He developed the NAFEMS SDM bibliography so that members can find each of the 200+ papers on SDM.