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PSE Certification

PSE Certification Benefits

Professional Simulation Engineer Certification records, verifies and independently assesses an analysis and simulation engineer’s competencies. This makes the qualification extremely beneficial for both individuals and companies.

When a simulation engineer has been accepted on the PSE Register the following benefits are available:

  • Individual who have been certified at Standard or Advanced level PSE will be promoted on "The Register of Certified Professional Simulation Engineers"
  • Individuals who have been certified at Standard or Advanced level PSE can use the PSE Certified logo.
  • Promotion – Engineers certified at Standard or Advanced level PSE are encouraged to use their award in their email signature. Guidance on including your PSE award in your email signature can be found here.
  • Benchmark Magazine – an electronic copy of the quarterly magazine benchmark is shipped to individuals who has been certified at Entry, Standard or Advanced Level

Benefits for Individuals...

For individuals some of the benefits of PSE Certification include:

  • Achievement of distinctive and internationally recognised qualification
  • A clear path for career progression
  • Increased value to current and future employers
  • A pathway to enhanced competence in engineering analysis and simulation

Benefits for Companies…

PSE also has a number of benefits for companies whose analysts are certified Professional Simulation Engineers. These benefits include:

  • A clear way to demonstrate the company’s commitment to quality standards
  • A formal record of employee competency and training satisfying the requirements of ISO 9001
  • Easier recruitment of high calibre staff
  • Reduced risks when employing consultants and subcontractors whose staff are Professional Simulation Engineers (PSEs)
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Creating and maintaining competitive edge
  • Identification of appropriately qualified engineers for new projects