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Robust Design and Design of Experiments (DOE) with Real DefectsEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Systems SimulationEvent ProceedingsMuller. G
CFD Methods for the Simulation of Heat TransferEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
Multiphysical Simulations during Development of Electric MotorsEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Computational AeroacousticsEvent ProceedingsMendonca. F
Generation and Propagation of Sound in Solids and Fluids - Modern Analysis Methods in AcousticsEvent ProceedingsSvobodnik. A
NAFEMS Hybrid RANS-LES for Industry Seminar 2015Event ProceedingsAshton. N
Multiphysics Conference 2023Event ProceedingsNAFEMS
Innovative Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Product DevelopmentEvent ProceedingsMuller. G
New Methods in CFD - Alternatives To Finite Volume Methods?Event ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee