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Publication Title Author Type Organisation
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Systems SimulationMuller. GEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Robust Design and Design of Experiments (DOE) with Real DefectsNAFEMS DACHEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
Multiphysical Simulations during Development of Electric MotorsNAFEMS DACH Steering CommitteeEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
Computational AeroacousticsMendonca. FEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS CFDWG
NAFEMS Hybrid RANS-LES for Industry Seminar 2015Ashton. NEvent ProceedingsThe University of Oxford
Generation and Propagation of Sound in Solids and Fluids - Modern Analysis Methods in AcousticsSvobodnik. AEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Innovative Application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Product DevelopmentMuller. GEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS DACH Steering Committee
Design Related CFD - State of the Art and Future DevelopmentsNAFEMS DACH CABEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
New Methods in CFD - Alternatives To Finite Volume Methods?NAFEMS DACH Steering CommitteeEvent ProceedingsNAFEMS
Near-Future Directions of Multiscale & Muliphysics Modeling & SimulationLadzinski. MEvent ReviewNAFEMS