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Mr. Piero Aversa, Chief Engineer, Global Powertrain NVH and CAE, Ford Motor Company


Providing the Transformational Means to a New Era of Sustainability and Mobility 


The automotive engineering community is now confronting the largest technological transformation since its inception. Recent advancements related to the electrification of powertrains for more efficient consumption and cleaner emissions, the reinvention of the battery with fast wireless charging capabilities to fully replace the current fuel driven vehicles and finally the advent of fully autonomous vehicles. 

The car as we know it today will totally change!  It will have a so-called “soul” and will be an extension of your personality which you can talk to, can read your face and lips, and would know your mood and feelings as it transports you from point A to point B. The whole concept of passenger transportation is being transformed into a Safer, Healthier and Smarter Environment.  

The challenges ahead for automotive engineers are enormous and SIMULATION will be playing a very important role in delivering these Smart Vehicles in a very demanding Smart World.


Mr. Piero Aversa, Chief Engineer, Global Powertrain NVH and CAE, Ford Motor Company

Piero Aversa is Ford’s Chief Engineer for the Global Powertrain NVH & CAE organization leading a large team of well over 200 engineers located in  North  America, Europe, Asia and South America.

He’s responsible for all of Ford’s global Powertrain development with the goal of delivering best NVH refinement with respect to Smoothness, Quietness and Sound Quality for all of Ford’s vehicle programs. 

Mr. Aversa joined Ford Motor Company as a co-op student over 30 years ago and has worked through the ranks of all aspects of powertrain engineering. 

He served in a number of leadership  roles including, Manager of Global Transmission Calibration and Attributes; Manager of Ford’s first 6 speed Automatic transmissions and Manager Ford small DCT program.  

Additionally, Mr. Aversa led as Manager of Advanced Engine Engineering and the Global Powertrain Value Management organizations. 

Mr. Aversa holds degrees in Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan Dearborn.