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Authors Instructions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to CAASE18 and providing a presentation at this exciting event.

Extended Abstract

An extended abstract should now be provided. We would like the extended abstract to include further details of your presentation. This abstract will be incorporated within the meeting proceedings, which will be distributed at the conference. 

To allow sufficient time for the proceedings to include your extended abstract, we ask that you submitted it to us by email ( no later than Saturday, May 5th, 2018. (Note: Any submissions delivered after this date will not be included in conference materials - no exceptions). 

The recommended length of an extended abstract is 2-4 pages. 

Please adhere to the format and style provided in the template (i.e., do not change text font/style or size). If you're copying and pasting from a separate working document, right click where you wish to paste text and choose the "Keep Text Only" option. This will help to ensure you do not carry over incorrect formatting from the previous document. Note: Any submissions not using the template provided will be returned to the author. 



In addition to the extended abstract, we will also require a copy of your presentation for review in advance of the event. The deadline to submit your presentation will be Friday, May 25th, 2018 (No Exceptions). (Note: Any submissions delivered after this date risk losing its presentation slot, and presentations submitted not using this template will be returned). 

Your presentation slot is limited to 35 minutes (training courses and workshops will have 1.5 hours), which includes a suggested five-minutes for questions and discussion. Note: Session chairs will be instructed to start/stop each presentation on time, so please keep this in mind when preparing your presentation. 

Please find below a presentation template to assist you when creating your presentation.

NAFEMS will be combining all presentations in advance of the conference and loading your final presentation onto a laptop computer at the venue. You will have the opportunity to view your presentation during the break before your session. 

In addition, a copy of your presentation slides (as a .pdf, modified as necessary), approved by you (the author), will be available post-event on the NAFEMS website.

Please send your presentation to



Finally, below is a speaker biography form. This brief form is designed to assist the chair when introducing you. Please return the completed form to NAFEMS (, along with your presentation, by Friday, May 25th, 2018. (Note: Any submissions after this date will result in the presenter having to introduce himself/herself - no exceptions).


Please Note ...

  • All extended abstracts and presentations should be carefully examined for grammar and spelling.
  • Extended abstracts, presentations, and biography forms will only be accepted if they are provided in the correct format, using the templates provided above.
  • Please do not mention product names in the title of your abstract or presentation and be reminded that the contents should be restricted to technical and/or business issues. Any overt promotional pitches in your presentation may result in the cancellation of your presentation slot. This is why we request that you submit your presentation a couple of weeks before the event; it provides us with the opportunity to provide feedback and avoid potential issues at the conference.