Why Engineers Must Pay Serious Attention to Blockchain Technology



Daniel R. Robles, PE, MBA, Founder, Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium


Why Engineers Must Pay Serious Attention to Blockchain Technology


Blockchain technology is the most recent in a wave of technologies overtaking public consciousness. “Disruption” is an understatement as predictions of entirely new monetary and governance systems are the new standard of media hype and horrors.  Yet few people realize that Blockchains were invented by engineers - in their own image!  This presentation will explain the origin of blockchains, the problem that blockchains solve, current trends, and the enormous opportunity and strategic advantage presented to the engineering profession, if and only if we choose to accept it. 


Daniel R. Robles, PE, MBA is the Founder and Executive Director of the Integrated Engineering Blockchain Consortium, a worldwide network of engineering professionals building blockchain applications specific to the engineering professions.  IEBC has authored seminal papers on this topic for the National Society of Professional Engineers, The National Association of Insurance Commissioners, and recently won the ASCE International Grand Challenge innovation award in the new technology category.  IEBC is cited widely across international engineering publications, whitepapers, and academic research.  Mr. Robles’ career has spanned over 30 years across diverse industries such as aerospace, construction, and international education for companies such as Boeing, Hughes, Northrop and even a stint in Hollywood developing Mechanical special effects.  Dan currently resides in Edmonds Washington.