Simulation Governance

Simulation Governance

As companies drive towards virtual product development and complete digital descriptions of their products and manufacturing systems, simulation becomes increasingly important. A company’s actual capability to do simulation successfully so that it is repeatable, reliable, and robust, can become an important factor in quality, cost and time-to-market, and overall competitiveness.

If you're working with Simulation Governance, you should be a part of CAASE20! 

CAASE, the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering, will cover the following topics, addressing every aspect of engineering analysis and simulation during a 3-day program: 

Theme #2: Making the CAASE for Implementing Simulation Governance

  • CAE Tactical & Strategic Roadmaps
  • Collaboration/Data Sharing throughout the Extended Enterprise
    • Cross-Domain Technical Integration
    • Integration of Physical Test with Analysis & Simulation
    • PLM Integration
    • Subsystems to Components to Systems
  • Data Management
    • Compliance Management
    • Data Storage and Retrieval
    • Integration of Logical, Physical & Mathematical Models
    • Knowledge Capture and Reuse
    • Material Data Management
    • Simulation Data Management
  • Democratization
    • CAE for CAD Experts
      • Apps
      • Contextual Help
      • UI Improvements
    • CAE for Small-to-Medium Businesses
      • Enlisting Services & Consulting
      • Licensing
      • Out-of-the-Box Capabilities
    • Collaboration: Mechanical, Electrical, Software
      • Capturing Proprietary Processes within Apps
      • Pre- and Post-Processing
      • Tools and Techniques
      • Workflows & Co-Simulation
    • CAD-Embedded Simulation vs. Dedicated CAE
      • Integration
      • When CAD Simulation is Enough
      • When CAE is Needed
  • Process Management
  • Qualification of Simulation Personnel
    • Academia Preparation of Students for CAE in Industry
    • Competencies & Skills
    • In-House Training Programs
    • Mentoring & Training Programs
    • Student Competitions
  • Quality Assurance
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Validation & Verification
    • Integration of Physical & Virtual Testing
    • Risk Management
    • Smart Testing

Did we miss a topic in this theme? 

It's quite possible that we may have missed a topic, or few, from the list above. This list was not meant to be completely comprehensive, rather highlighting areas which have been covered at this event in the past. If you would like to see this list amended to include any areas missed, simply send us an email with your suggestion. 

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