Addressing Business Strategies & Challenges

Addressing Business Strategies, Challenges & Advanced Technologies

The use of simulation realized 10-15% annual growth for more than 30 years.  This cumulative growth now means that simulation is a significant portion of the Engineering Software Market and a driver for future growth.  This has resulted in increased focus and investment in simulation by major PLM software vendors.*

This growth is coupled with increasing awareness by end user companies that simulation is the key enabler to increased competitiveness, therefore the changing role of simulation is more about it’s role in business than the changes in technology.  The Business Drivers bring an opportunity for unprecedented significant  growth in the usage of simulation as well as new set of business challenges associated with this increased demand. 

If you're interested in exploring the key business challenges associated with the changing role of simulation, you should be a part of CAASE20! 

CAASE, the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering, will cover the following topics, addressing every aspect of engineering analysis and simulation during a 3-day program: 

Theme #4: Making the CAASE for Addressing Business Strategies, Challenges & Advanced Technologies

  • Advanced Information Technologies
    • AI-Guided Simulation
    • Cognitive Computing
    • Data Science, Big Data, and Data Analytics
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
      • Generative Design
      • Physics-Based Material Property Modeling
    • Predictive Analytics
  • Engagement of Simulation Engineering Executives
    • Hardware
    • ROI for Simulation Investment
    • Staffing
    • Understanding and Confidence in Simulation
  • Cultural Challenges
    • Business Partner & Supplier Integration
    • Cross-Domain Technical Integration & Oversight
    • Implementing New Processes
    • Trust in Results
    • Turf Wars
    • Vocabulary
  • Engineering Simulation Industry Standards & Best Practices
    • Integrating Digital Data in Support of the Industry 4.0 Initiative
    • Integration of Subsystem, Component & System Models (Physical, Math & Logical Representations)
    • International Standards for FEA, CFD, & Multibody Simulations
  • Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL) Support
    • Digital Threads & Digital Twins
    • Ongoing Field Product/System Performance Improvement via Continuous Simulation
    • Product Development, Operation & Maintenance
    • Real-Time Asset Integrity Monitoring
    • Real-Time, Continual Verification & Validation
  • High-Performance Computing Infrastructure
    • Cloud vs. Cluster vs. Data Center vs. SaaS
    • Edge Computing
    • Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)
    • Mobile Supercomputing
    • ROI
    • VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
    • Information Visualization
    • Photorealistic Rendering
    • Software Maturity and Integration
    • Use Cases (e.g., Manufacturing Processes, End-User Experiences, etc.)

Did we miss a topic in this theme? 

It's quite possible that we may have missed a topic, or few, from the list above. This list was not meant to be completely comprehensive, rather highlighting areas which have been covered at this event in the past. If you would like to see this list amended to include any areas missed, simply send us an email with your suggestion. 

Also, be sure to look at the topics listed under the three other CAASE20 themes: 


*Source: ASSESS