Advancing Manufacturing Processes & Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing Processes & Additive Manufacturing

Are you interested in simulation's role in advancing the digital factory and manufacturing processes? Relatively new processes, such as additive manufacturing/3D printing, promise benefits of lightweighting through generatively designed parts that place materials only where needed and internal lattice structures with varying densities; reduced part complexity via consolidation; and even on-the-fly material property customization. But, like any manufacturing process, simulation methodologies and best practices need to be implemented before 3D printing can reach its full industrial manufacturing potential.   

If you're looking for simulation best practices and guidance in manufacturing processes, you should be part of CAASE20.  

CAASE, the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering, will cover the following topics, addressing every aspect of engineering analysis and simulation during a 3-day program: 

Theme #3: Making the CAASE for Advancing Manufacturing Processes & Additive Manufacturing

  • Additive Manufacturing
    • Analysis and Certification of 3D Printed Parts
      • Analysis Methodology
      • Product Performance, Failure Criteria & Margin of Safety
      • Verification & Validation of Simulation & 3D Printed Parts
    • Defect Prediction Analysis (e.g., distortion, residual stress, etc.)
    • Micro-Structure & Simulated Materials Properties
    • Multiscale / Multiphysics Process Simulation
    • Process Design & Control
    • Process-Oriented Modeling (e.g., powder bed, wire-feed, robotic 3D printing, hybrid CNC machines, etc.)
    • Product Design Approaches
      • Design Methodology (e.g., explore upstream product design)
      • Modeling Methodology (e.g., thermo-mechanical modeling)
      • Topology Optimization (e.g., shape, lattices, supports, etc.) 
  • Simulation of Manufacturing Methodologies & Processes
    • Adhesive Bonding
    • Assembly
    • Casting
    • Composites
    • Discrete Manufacturing Process
    • Forging
    • Heat Treatment
    • Injection Molding
    • Reverse Material Engineering Integrated with Manufacturing Process Design
    • Sheet Metal Forming
    • Smart Manufacturing System
    • Welding

Did we miss a topic in this theme? 

It's quite possible that we may have missed a topic, or few, from the list above. This list was not meant to be completely comprehensive, rather highlighting areas which have been covered at this event in the past. If you would like to see this list amended to include any areas missed, simply send us an email with your suggestion. 

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