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An Introduction to Engineering Simulation Quality Management

Within the engineering simulation process, many opportunities for error arise that can lead to inaccurate predictions resulting in erroneous engineering assessments and potential failure of the end-use engineered system. Yet engineering simulation organizations should be able to demonstrate that they can deliver accurate simulations that consistently conform to professional standards.

The achievement of professional standards in engineering simulation can be approached through the application of a quality management system conforming to international quality standards ISO 9001 and NAFEMS ESQMS, which is NAFEMS’ interpretation of ISO 9001 in the particular context of engineering simulation.

The application of quality management to the engineering simulation process will ensure that quality principles are built into the simulation process at a fundamental level, facilitating quality control in all aspects of simulation work (modelling, solution, verification, validation, etc.). The quality system will enable simulation work to be properly planned and executed under controlled conditions. It can also help the organization to develop its organizational structure and make more efficient use of its resources, while simultaneously meeting the quality expectations of its customers. Organizations might also wish to attain formal quality certification for their system.

This webinar provides a basic explanation of the fundamental concepts of the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in the context of engineering simulation. It also shows how to develop an error-controlled engineering simulation quality management system in accordance with the requirements of NAFEMS ESQMS.

The webinar presents material from both the NAFEMS ESQMS and its companion ESQMS Guidelines book. These two documents together should contain sufficient information to enable a simulation organization to plan, develop, maintain and improve a quality management system for engineering simulation.

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AuthorSmith. J
Date 1st June 2020


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