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The 12 Resources of Christmas

NAFEMS Member Exclusive

Introducing the 12 Resources of Christmas!

2-minute read
The NAFEMS Team - December 23rd 2021


Season's Greetings from NAFEMS!

If you're looking for some festive simulation entertainment (aren't we all!), we've selected 12 pieces of exclusive content for you to get stuck in to.

There are thousands of resources available on our resource centre, with over 1,000 added in the past 12 months alone.

We've selected the pick of the bunch from each month in 2021 for you to enjoy, and they're exclusive to NAFEMS members. Just log in, and get started!

January 2021

Uncertainty Quantification - How To Be More Robust In Decision Making


February 2021

Does the Big Getting Bigger Stifle Innovation?

March 2021

Engineering Simulation as Viewed from the Boardroom

April 2021

Cultural Shift in FEM Analysis for Part-time Analysts

May 2021

Effectively Communicating Innovative Ideas: Why Perspective Is Important

June 2021

Industrial Implementation of a Simulation Maturity Scale

July 2021

Computing Platforms for Engineering Simulation - 2015 vs 2020

August 2021

Computational Tribology : The Role of Simulation in Tribological Predictions

September 2021

Define and Deliver Credible Results

October 2021

Analysis of Numerical Crash Simulation Data Using Dimensionality Reduction and Machine Learning

November 2021

Stable Time Increment and Mass Scaling in Explicit Analyses

December 2021

Today’s Opportunities and Challenges of Data Science in Engineering

Enjoy this Festive Feast of FEA (and associated technologies :-) ), and we wish you happy holidays.

Here's to 2022!