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Today’s Opportunities and Challenges of Data Science in Engineering

This event was a live panel discussion with members of the Engineering Data Science Working Group and follows on from the recent 'AI (ML) in Engineering Design: Its Status and Readiness for it' panel discussion at the NAFEMS World Congress 2021.

If you are a product design engineer, a CAE analyst, a test engineer tasked with using machine learning and wondering what that means, where you would start from; this panel helps you to navigate through your options. In this panel, industry thought leaders in engineering data science discuss how machine learning benefits the engineering design process, how to identify the right projects to apply machine learning and discuss the key challenges to overcome. Whether you are a product design engineer, a CAE analyst, a test engineer, or a leader tasked with using machine learning and need to know what that means and how to get started; this panel will help you determine the right path and answer your questions.

About this event

This event is being hosted by the NAFEMS Engineering Data Science Working Group (EDSWG). The EDSWG has formed an online Community to act as a focal point for all engineers and scientists who want to learn more about data science. No significant knowledge or expertise is required to join the Community, the only requirement is a desire to learn more and a willingness to interact with other engineers and scientists who have an interest in this area. For more information and to get involved go to the Engineering Data Science Community webpage.

You can join the EDS Community using the button below:

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Document Details

AuthorsBalabanov. V Kocer. F Depauw. T Amodeo. C Baqué. P Buchholz. C Pinon-Fischer. O Xiao-Peng. G Grihon. S Mooney. S
Date 6th December 2021
OrganisationsBoeing Altair Boeing Ford Motor Company Neural Concept Ltd Rolls-Royce ASDL GE Airbus Kinetic Vision


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