PSE Competency Tracker

PSE Competency Tracker

Standard and Advanced level PSE Certification candidates are required to attest to the following statement in their PSE Certification application form: 

"I have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of theory to allow safe and effective use of application software tools, as specified by the competence statements at [STANDARD level]* in the relevant PSE Competency Tracker Technical Areas."

In order to review the appropriate competence statements PSE Candidates are required to access the PSE Competency Tracker. Guidance on using and accessing the PSE Competency Tracker can be found here. The competencies found in the PSE Competency Tracker provide an indication of the topics that are likely to be covered in a Standard or Advanced level certification interview.

As an applicant, you can register to access your own account on the Competency Tracker. You are strongly advised to use this and identify which of the competency statements you feel confident apply to you. This information should then be exported to a PDF file, and uploaded in support of your application.

* [STANDARD & ADVANCED level] for candidates applying for Advanced level PSE Certification