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International Journal of CFD Case Studies - Volume 9

The ninth volumeof the Journal presents a selection of papers where authors have faced the task of using CFD where industrial engineering reality demands additional thought o rapplication.

 Each paper presents models or techniques to extend or enhance the standard CFD modelling. The paper by Kahrimanovic et al deals with the design of high temperature duty cyclones where the wall roughness model is extended to account for joints between the refractory brick lining.

The heat transfer in an automotive headlamp, discussed in the paper by Mielke et al, requires an approach where CFD is conjoined with other software to simulate the high levels of thermal radiation.

The increasing trend of replacing expensive experimental tests by simulation or “virtual testing” is contributed to in the paper by Sayma. Here a method is proposed that allows for the simulated variation of rotationalspeed and throttle changes of a gas turbine compressor, mimicking its performance in a test rig.

The paper by Schöck et al deals with the laminar mixing of highly viscous fluids where,with normal methods, numerical diffusion would dominate the actual molecular diffusion. A trajectory method is applied to overcome this limitation.

The simulation of industrial paint dryers requires accurate heat transfer methods when applied to complicated shapes. The difficulty in industrial applications is selecting the right turbulence model and deciding appropriate local wall mesh density. This is discussed in the paper by Yeet al.



Numerical simulation of roughness effects inside a brick-lined cyclone separator

D Kahrimanovic, S Pirker, G Aichinger and F Plaul

Simulation of the temperature distribution in automotive head lamps

C Mielke, S Senin, A Wenzel and C Horn

Towards virtual testing of compression systems in gas turbine engines

A. I. Sayma

Simulation of the efficiency of static mixers

J Schock, F Muggli and S Hirschberg

Prediction of Turbulent Heat Transfer for Industrial Drying Processes – Turbulence Model Assessment

Q Ye, K Pulli and A Scheibe


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AuthorGreen. A
Date 1st June 2011


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