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xMCF - Standard for Documenting Connection InformationFranke. C Zhang. G Weinert. MPresentationProstep Volkswagen Ford Germany
Zuverlassigkeitsbetrachtungen bei elektronischen Leiterplattenkomponenten - Herausforderungen und Losungen fur die thermomechanische FEM-SimulationIberians. TPresentationCADFEM
Yes! Product Engineers with limited CAE Expertise can safely run complex simulation using simulation AppsJarrett. J Panthaki. MPresentationKinetic Vision Comet Solutions
XFEM Application to Crack Growth Correlation in Aeronautical StructuresRivero. I Gomez-Escalonilla. J Garcia. A Ramirez. V Garijo. DPaperAirbus Safran Engineering Services
Wind ITO Fulfillment Center: Capturing Proprietary Processes for Wind Farm Siting AnalysisKornfein. MPresentationGE Global Research & Development
Why Strengthen Assessment Using Finite Element Analysis To Mitigate Strengthening WorksDe Oliveira. APresentationArup
Why Do Multi-body System SimulationRampalli. R Ferrarotti. G Hoffmann. MPublication
Why Do Manufacturing SimulationDutton. TPublicationNAFEMS CSMWG
Why Do Manufacturing SimulationDutton. TMagazine ArticleDutton Simulation Ltd
Why Do Discrete Element AnalysisPeters. B Donoso. APublicationNAFEMS