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Multiphysics 2024: Elevating Precision in Simulation Engineering

Multiphysics Simulation Conference 2024

Multiphysics Conference 2024:

Elevating Precision in Simulation Engineering

2​1-23 October 2024 | Carlton Hotel, Singapore

List of accepted papers now available
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Multiphysics simulation is a critical enabler for simulation-driven engineering. The real world is naturally multiphysical, so the true virtualisation of designs, devices, and processes relies on multiphysics simulation. Using these methods in simulation is crucial in elevating analysis precision, enabling more accurate modelling, and facilitating a deeper understanding of the interactions between different physical processes.

With increasing product complexity, industry faces the constant challenge of efficient and successful product development. Along with meeting functional requirements, products must meet tight regulations and keep up with ever-faster time-to-market expectations while keeping costs low and meeting growing customer expectations. Realistic pre-prototype multiphysics simulations are vital to fulfilling these requirements.

The NAFEMS Multiphysics Conference 2024, to be held this October in the Carlton Hotel, Singapore, brings together users, researchers, academics, and developers of multiphysics simulation methods to present their work, exchange ideas, develop the community, and discuss potential challenges.

This is an unmissable opportunity to connect with your fellow multiphysics practitioners.

F​or any questions, please get in touch with

The conference is jointly organised by the NAFEMS Multiphysics Working Group, NAFEMS ASEAN, and A*STAR Institute of High-Performance Computing, and is supported by The International Society of Multiphysics, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI.


List of accepted papers

Keynote presentation:

  • Multi-Physics Simulations and Applications Related to Automotive Product Development
    Sita Rameswara Sarma Akella (Mahindra & Mahindra)
  • Invited Presentation: Quantum-Native Multiphysics Simulations
    Valtteri Lahtinen (Quanscient)


  • Enhancing Safety Assessments for CO2 Pipelines with a Validated Fluid-Structure Interaction Model
    Aida Nonn (Aixima)
  • Direct Simulation of Forced Convection Flow Past a Wind Turbine Airfoil Section
    Tapan Kumar Sengupta (Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines))
  • Modeling Drug-Eluting Stent Deployment: Investigation of Inflation, Blood Stent-Plaque Interaction, and Drug Release-Washout Kinetics in Multiscale Dynamics
    Umma Habiba (BUET)

Battery Simulation

  • Fast Running Digital-Twin of a Multiphysics Based BEV Model Trained using ML Model
    Ujjwal Chopra (Gamma Technologies)
  • Pre-Compression Effect on Charge-Discharge Characteristics of Li-ion Batteries
    Bhaskar Ramagiri (Dassault Systemes)
  • Implementation of Digital Twin for Cathodic Protection
    Zhen Qi Chee (Matcor Technology & Services – A Cetim Company)
  • Coupled Thermal-Electrochemical-Mechanical Analysis in Battery Pack Level
    Alan Tan (Dassault Systemes)
  • Coupled Thermo-Structural Analysis of Heat Coil Batteries Modelled as 2D Axi-Symmetric for Evolving Temperature Dependent Properties
    Chetan Mahawar (Ansys)
  • Accelerated and Reliable Predictions via Physics-Informed Neural Networks (PINNs) Incorporating Field Data
    Prashant Kumar Srivastava (oorja - weedy software)


  • Faster Design Space Exploration for Tires using High Fidelity 3D Surrogates
    Rasika Kulkarni (Dassault Systemes)
  • AI-Driven Multiphysics Simulation: A Case Study Analysis
    Luis Felipe Mercado Gutierrez (Ansys)


  • AWS Cloud, HPC and AI
    Cheng Wang (AWS)
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Quantum Computing in Multiphysics and Multiscale Computational Modeling
    Mohamed Labadi (Frontiers Labs)


  • Multiphysics Methodology for Detection of Hotspots on PCB using DCIR and Thermal Simulation
    Prijanka R (Tyco Electronics Corporation India)
  • Dynamic Behavior Prediction for Printed Circuit Boards Under Combined Effect of Vibration and Thermal
    Rishabh Singh (Eaton India Innovation Center)
  • Singing Capacitors Secrets Simulation Ravi Sankar Kanamarlapudi (Ansys)
  • An Integrated Workflow for Power Module Development
    Hon Wong (Siemens Digital Industries Software)
  • Electronics Design and Development of DC Inductor for Hybrid Circuit Breaker Protection
    Shreyaksh Kashoudhan (Eaton India Innovation Center)
  • Solder Joint Reliability Workflow Automation for a Ball-Grid Array (BGA) Package
    Kajal Khan (Ansys)


  • An Approach for Modeling Coupled Problems of Structural and Electromagnetic Fields without the Need of Remeshing
    Dongyu Liu (ZWSoft)


  • FMU Validation with CosiMate: Using Native Co-Simulation to Prepare and Validate Multiphysics FMU-Based Simulation
    David Balland (Chiastek)

Material Modeling

  • Thermo-Chemical-Mechanical Modelling of Digital Light Processing 3D Printing
    Guang Liu (Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), A*STAR)
  • Balancing Durability and MRI Compatibility: Evaluating Hip Implant Porous Designs
    Himanshu Gururani (Dassault Systemes)

Additive Manufacturing

  • Design and Analysis of Severe Plastic Deformation via Repetitive Corrugation and Straightening of Aluminum 2024 Reinforced with Beryl
    Sagar K G (Jain Deemed To Be University)
  • Evaluation of Polymer Based on their Interaction
    Johnathan Tan (Matcor Technology & Services – A Cetim Company)


  • Methods of Benchmarks for Multiphysics (Use Case Vibroacoustics)
    A. Svobodnik (MVOID)
  • tba
    Henrik Nordborg (OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule IET)
  • tba


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Start Date End Date Location
21 Oct 202423 Oct 2024Singapore, Singapore

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