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A Computational Framework for Effectiveness Based Design - A US Air Force PerspectivePresentationKolonay. R
A Vision for Computational EngineeringPresentationArthur. R
Accelerating Innovation with Generative Design and Lattice Structures toolsPresentationVlahinos. A
Align Working Session 1 - How can ASSESS help with the understanding the myriad of activities and events related to Engineering Simulation?PresentationASSESS
Align Working Session 2 – Aligning Commercial, Government, and Research Interests and EffortsPresentationASSESS
An Update on the Unified Model Characteristics for Engineering Simulation (UMC4ES)PresentationWalsh. J
Autonomy Working Session 1 - Open discussion on vision / goals / objectives/ opportunitiesPresentationASSESS
Autonomy Working Session 2 - Supporting Autonomy with Engineering Simulation - Open discussion on vision / goals / objectives/ opportunitiesPresentationBlachanos. M ASSESS
Best Practices for Enhancing Engineering Simulation Business ImpactPresentationKeene. R
Business Working Session 1 - How can we address/overcome the barrier of limited understanding at various levels of management related to the Value of Engineering Simulation?PresentationASSESS