Computational Structural Mechanics

Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group

Terms of Reference

The NAFEMS Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group is concerned with the branch of engineering that uses numerical methods to calculate deformations, deflections, internal forces and stresses within structures. The group’s remit includes linear statics; implicit and explicit dynamics (including impact and large deformation problems); elastic-plastic, creep, fatigue, limit analysis, shakedown, ratcheting, fracture and damage; contact, joints and connections; and structural materials models. The interests of the group overlap with many of the other working groups, including the Composites, CFD, Dynamics & Testing, and Manufacturing Process Simulation WGs, and areas of mutual interest are explored through joint activities.

The Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group is often the group that takes an interest in emerging methods that are appearing in software tools that are generally available to the engineering analysis community, and in new manufacturing and processing methods that affect structural response of materials and components. As a result, the group’s area is constantly evolving to address new challenges.

The group undertakes a variety of activities, including preparation of “What Is…” guides to provide a high-level introduction to topics; commissioning of more in-depth publications to provide best practice guidance or state of the art reviews; identification of benchmark problems and preparation of challenge problems; and organisation of live events including webinars, seminars, and workshops for dissemination to, and discussion with, NAFEMS members.

NAFEMS Members can download the Computational Structural Mechanics Working Group Terms of Reference here:

Terms of Reference



CSMWG Chairman

Louise Wright
National Physical Laboratory (NPL)