Optimisation Working Group

The Optimisation Working Group is responsible for promoting the adoption, further development and best practice in the use of optimisation methods in engineering simulation-based design for the benefit of the user community.

The focus is on the application of design optimisation techniques in engineering analysis and simulation.

Optimisation Community

The Optimisation Working Group has formed an online community which allows the NAFEMS membership to engage with experts on the NAFEMS Optimisation Working Group (OWG). The Optimisation community is only accessible to NAFEMS members and no significant knowledge or expertise is required to participate. Visit the Optimisation Community webpage for more information.

Terms of Reference

You can learn more about the group's goals and activities by downloading the Terms of Reference for the working group below. 

Optimisation Terms of Reference

Optimisation Working Group Overview

An outline of the OWG remit and activities can be downloaded below:

Optimisation Working Group Overview

OWG Chairman

Dr Nadir Ince
Director, Analytics & Digital Engineering Power Digital Solution
GE Power