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Data Science, the use of computer algorithms and machine learning methods to draw meaningful insights from data, has had a huge impact across a range of industries. From evaluating imagery to detect metastatic cancer, helping to optimise traffic flow to keep cities running smoothly, or even projecting a set of sporting prospects to increase the chances of finding the next star for your favourite team, the ability to look for patterns in lakes of data is a now a key tool.

Product design generally follows a rule-based approach, which may be why data science is not as prevalent in the Engineering industry. Things are changing - improvements in sensor technology coupled with the ability to transmit the acquired data to where it can be accessed by engineers means that EDS is being seen as a game-changer for leading organisations.

NAFEMS are in the process of forming a new Technical Working Group in the area of Engineering Data Science (EDS). The group will provide best practice guidance on how to undertake simulation and will act as an expert body helping to direct NAFEMS activity in this area.

The Engineering Data Science Working Group (EDSWG) will be international and the majority of meetings will be held using web conferencing tools. Working group members are likely to enjoy networking opportunities and learn how other working group members are employing EDS in their industry.

The EDSWG is looking for practitioners who are able to develop data driven models using statistical, data analysis and machine learning approaches to help solve engineering problems. It is viewed as a positive if new working group members also have an awareness of physics based modelling techniques as the integration of “data based” and “physics based” modelling approaches is expected to be a key area of interest for the group.

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