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Impact, Shock & Crash

Impact, Shock & Crash Working Group

The NAFEMS Impact, Shock & Crash Working Group is concerned with all aspects of Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis (EDFEA), typically short time duration events which are highly non-linear in nature including impact, shock, drop test, blast and ballistics which are all solved using Explicit Solution Methods. All computational approaches are included (Lagrangian, Eulerian, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) as well as Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF), etc.) and the related technologies required whether for pre-processing (including meshing), solving or post-processing.


To promote the safe, reliable and effective use of simulation techniques for modelling Impact, Shock and Crash events by:

  1. Providing guidance and information for Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis users of all levels.
  2. Encouraging and supporting the increasing use of Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis within the international community.
  3. To help both users and managers to apply Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis techniques appropriately and usefully.
  4. To provide information for people using information from Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis simulations but who may not be performing simulations directly.

The focus is towards improving the effective use of Explicit Dynamics Finite Element Analysis for industrial applications, regardless of where those simulations are performed (in industry, by consultants or vendors or in academia).

Knowledge Base

The working group is currently engaged in developing an online knowledge base of articles and guidance related to Impact, Shock and Crash simulation.

Access the Impact Shock & Crash Knowledge Base.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the ISCWG can be viewed below:

Terms of Reference


ISCWG Co Chair

David Ellis
DJ Goode & Associates Ltd


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