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Upfront Simulation

Upfront Simulation Working Group

upfront simulation working group

The Upfront Simulation Working Group was set up in 2023 to look at numerical methods that are quick to run and require little specialist knowledge to use. These tools are currently intended for use during the product design phase and have the potential to extend the reach of simulation to non-specialists. By utilising simulation earlier in the design process the expectation is that a larger design space can be explored, ultimately leading to better design decisions.

The working group will be exploring the limitations of these methods, how these methods fit into established engineering processes, and what governance needs to be put in place to ensure the tools are used appropriately.

The group will be considering tools that span multiple domains but will be restricting their scope to geometry- based simulation methods.

Get Involved

The group is currently looking expand their membership. In particular, the group is looking for individuals with experience implementing an upfront simulation capability in the fluid flow, electromagnetic, and thermal domains. Membership of the group is currently restricted to industrial end users, academics and consultants. If you are a NAFEMS member in the stated categories, have an interest in this area, and would like to contribute to the work of the group, please complete this form.

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