February 2019

SMS Community - February 2019

NAFEMS hosted a public webinar on Emerging Standards for Model-Based Systems Engineering on February 21, 2019, presented by Don Tolle of CIMdata. Additional materials including a webinar recording are available from NAFEMS (with full access to NAFEMS members).

Don is also lead for the Standards Ecosystem focus group of the SMSWG. Because of the high degree of overlap of his NAFEMS webinar presentation with the Standards Ecosystem focus group, Don is making his presentation slides available on this page.

Agenda for meeting

Time (ET)TopicPresenter
11:00-12:00Emerging Standards for MBSEDon Tolle (CIMdata)

A recording of the meeting will be available on the SMSWG Collaborative Community. (SMSWG community access required. Request community membership using the "Get Involved (SMS Community)" page.