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Authors Instructions

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for contributing to CAASE20 and providing a presentation at this exciting event. The following sections will highlight the next steps you will need to complete prior to the event.

In the sections below, you will find an abundance of guidance. We wanted to provide you with every relevant detail, so please be sure to read and follow the instructions below to ensure this is a relatively seamless experience for you.

Also, feel free to visit the Content Line-up page for an at-a-glance agenda and listing of all of the presentations, workshops, training courses, and panel discussions that will be delivered.

ItemDue DateWhere to Go for Instructions
Speaker Support Session (Optional)5/8/2020See "CAASE20 Speaker Support Session" section for more information. 
Extended Abstract (Optional)6/1/2020See "Extended Abstract" section below for more information
Speaker Biography6/1/2020See "Biography" section below for more information. 
Pre-Recorded Presentation6/1/2020See "Presentation" section below for more information

CAASE20 Speaker Support Session

We held a series of meetings to answer any questions you may have had about preparing your presentation. Note: The core content presented was the same over the four sessions, with the major difference being the audience size and number of questions asked in each session. If you missed the speaker sessions, but still want to review the recordings, we recommend watching Session 2 or 3 due to the number of participants in those meetings and the number of questions asked.

Past Sessions:

Recording From Speaker Support Session #1: View Now

(Recommended) Recording From Speaker Support Session #2: View Now

(Recommended) Recording From Speaker Support Session #3: View Now

Recording From Speaker Support Session #4: View Now

Extended Abstract

Note: An extended abstract will NOT be required for CAASE20. However, if you do provide an extended abstract, we will include it in the conference materials and on the NAFEMS Resource Center.

An extended abstract should now be provided. We would like the extended abstract to include further details of your presentation. This abstract will be incorporated within the digital meeting proceedings, which will be distributed at the conference.

To allow sufficient time for the proceedings to include your extended abstract, we ask that you submitted it to us by email (americas@nafems.org) no later than Monday, June 1st.

The recommended length of an extended abstract is 2-4 pages. NOTE: PLEASE SUBMIT THE PDF VERSION OF YOUR ABSTRACT. Also, please name your file based on the following: lastname-company-keyword.pdf

Please adhere to the format and style provided in the template (i.e., do not change text font/style or size). If you're copying and pasting from a separate working document, right click where you wish to paste text and choose the "Keep Text Only" option. This will help to ensure you do not carry over incorrect formatting from the previous document. Note: Any submissions not using the template provided will be returned to the author.



In the updated Speaker Instructions email (sent on 4/29/2020), a personalized link to submit your biography was provided. All you need to do is click on that link and provide a reasonably concise biography no later than Monday, June 1st and we will include it alongside of your abstract in the CAASE20 program (PDF).


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Because CAASE20 has gone virtual, this means you will need to pre-record your presentation(s). We will be providing very clear instructions with how to do this on your own or through the virtual conference facility. You will still develop your presentation just as you planned to do so as if this event was taking place in-person.

Two Steps:

  1. You will need to follow the instructions provided in the Speaker Instructions email (sent on 4/29/2020) to prepare the pre-recording of your presentation (using ON24, PPT's Record Slide Show, Camtasia, or other). You must have your presentation or recording uploaded to the ON24 facility by Monday, June 1st. We highly recommend that you take action before the deadline, otherwise any support you require may be delayed if the majority of presenters wait until the last minute.
  2. The deadline to send us the "approved for sharing" PDF version of your presentation will be Monday, June 1st. (Note: Any submissions delivered after this date may not be included on the NAFEMS Resource Center. Also, please do NOT send us the PPT version of your presentation this time.)

With regards to the first step (pre-recording your presentation), please determine which option is best for you using the following guidelines:

  • If your presentation includes embedded videos or animations, we recommend that you use PowerPoint's Slide Show Recording feature. It's incredibly easy to use and nearly everyone should have access to this feature. (Special thanks to Brian Duffy for the recommendation!) Alternatively, you can use a tool like Camtasia to create a recording of your presentation.
  • Instructional Video (Part 1): How to Use PowerPoint Slide Show Recording (~8 minutes)
  • Instructional Video (Part 2): How to Upload Your Recording to ON24 (~6 minutes)
  • File Requirements: Must be in MP4 format, less than 2GB in total file size, and the total bitrate under 1500kbps. Full details about video format, audio format, frame size, bitrate, frame rate, keyframe, etc., if you're using a tool like Camtasia, can be found here.
  • If your presentation is flat (text and images; builds are OK), then you can use the ON24 Presentation Manager to upload your slides and create your recording there. Of course, you would still be welcome to use PowerPoint's Slide Show Recording feature or a Camtasia-like tool to record your presentation, if preferred. (Note: When you visit the personalized presenter link provided to you for the ON24 platform upload, it will show a duration of 60 minutes. This is a default setting by ON24 which does not relate to the time allocated for your presentation. Your presentation slot is limited to 30 minutes, with training courses and workshops having 1.5 hours.)

Q&A and live chat will be enabled for all sessions (more information available at the bottom of this page). Please try to attend your scheduled presentation time to answer questions over live chat, if possible. Also, questions submitted using the Q&A tool will be sent to your email.

Please find below a presentation template to assist you when creating your presentation.

Please send your PDF presentation to americas@nafems.org. Please name your file based on the following: lastname-company-keyword.pdf


Please Note ...

  • All extended abstracts and presentations should be carefully examined for grammar and spelling.
  • Extended abstracts, presentations, and biography forms will only be accepted if they are provided in the correct format, using the templates provided above.
  • Please do not mention product names in the title of your abstract or presentation and be reminded that the contents should be restricted to technical and/or business issues. Any overt promotional pitches in your presentation may result in the cancellation of your presentation slot. This is why we request that you submit your presentation a couple of weeks before the event; it provides us with the opportunity to provide feedback and avoid potential issues at the conference.


Important Points to Keep in Mind During the Conference

  • Live Chat: This tool is not moderated and is for attendees to chat together about the presentation. As the presenter, you are welcome to join the chat during your designated presentation time and say that you are the presenter and are available to answer any questions anyone may have, or that you can be reached by email through the Q&A box. On the Group Chat box itself, we are notifying attendees that it will only be available during the “During Live Presentation” but, behind the scenes, we will still keep it available after your presentation in case anyone wants to continue chatting after your presentation ends. We note that the Group Chat is available only “During Live Presentation” times so that you don’t feel that you have to continually check in to the Group Chat after your presentation to see if anyone is chatting (although you are certainly welcome to, if you would like) and so that you are free to enjoy the other presentations in the conference.
  • Q&A: If an attendee submits a question using the Q&A tool, an email will be sent to you from ON24 with the attendee's question.
  • Downtime: Unfortunately, due to some functionality conflicts and limitations on the ON24 platform (which we just learned about), the Group Chat and Q&A will automatically stop working at the end of the "live" presentation recording. We've explored alternative solutions but nothing feasible was suggested by their engineering team (all solutions would require a large conference team, whereas we are just a team of two). As a result, attendees will need to submit questions during the presentation, or come back to it approximately one hour after the presentation ended. The one hour downtime is when the ON24 platform converts the presentation from a "live" event into an on-demand one. This small gap is not desirable, but, hey...new times, new experiences. Rest assured that you can still use the Group Chat and Q&A feature once the presentation goes on-demand, and attendees will be notified of this update.