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Marie-Christine Oghly

Marie-Christine Oghly

Marie-Christine Oghly, NAFEMS Council Member

My background is initially as a hydrologist, subsequently studying sales and business studies. Since my first role in Europe for a UK based company, I have been involved in CFD and Numerical simulation.

From 1992-1996, I founded and developed the FIDAP software business in France (CFD package based on finite elements methods). I then decided to set up Flowmaster France, the French subsidiary of a UK company, to sell support and offer services on their 1D code for hydraulic and thermal networks simulation.
I joined the Micado association in 1997 where I created a numerical simulation working Group for which I am now Vice President and member of the board of Micado.

Since the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Micado and Nafems in France, I have been elected to the NAFEMS Council of Management.

I think it is a good opportunity to promote Numerical simulation and computation in France, and for Micado members to go a step further with the international position of NAFEMS as well as Micado offering NAFEMS wider opportunities in the whole industry process from CAD/CAM to Simulation including fast prototyping, technical knowledge management, PLM, virtual prototyping etc…The two associations have complementary expertise, and collaboration will help to better serve their respective members in areas where technology complexity is increasing and requires more and more information and communication.