January 2019 Meeting

SMS Community - January 2019

Meeting #25 of the NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling & Simulation Working Group (SMSWG) was held from 9:00 to 12:00 PST on January 28, 2019, in conjunction with the 2019 INCOSE International Workshop in Torrance (Los Angeles), CA. Following is the agenda for the meeting, including links to presentation slides.

Agenda for meeting

9:00-9:20Welcome and SMSWG UpdatesRoger Burkhart (SMSWG Chair)
9:20-11:50Reports and working sessions from SMSWG subteams
9:20-9:40Roadmap and Sharing of Best PracticesFrank Popielas (SMS ThinkTank)
9:40-10:00Terms and DefinitionsEd Ladzinski (SMS ThinkTank)
10:30-11:00Custom Integration Framework for MBSE and CAE using Open StandardsAditya Shah (John Deere)
11:00-11:50Panel on Standards EcosystemDon Tolle (CIMdata) (facilitator)
11:50-12:00Discussion and Prioritization of 2019 ActivitiesAll

Background Presentations for Panel

Presentations during INCOSE MBSE Workshop (Sunday, January 27, 2019)

TimeAgenda Item/Presentation LinkPresenter
11:30-12:00MBSE Collaborations, MB ActivitiesBill Schindel (ICTT System Sciences)
13:00-13:20MBX Ecosystems Challenge Team IntroRussell Peak (Georgia Tech)
14:40-15:00Tool Integration and Model Lifecycle Management (TIMLM)John Nallon
15:30-16:00SysML v2 UpdateSandy Friedenthal
16:00-16:30NAFEMS-INCOSE Systems Modeling and SimulationRoger Burkhart (John Deere)
16:30-17:00Semantic Technologies for Systems Engineering (ST4SE)Hans Peter de Koning (ESA)
17:00-17:30Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)Bill Chown (Mentor Graphics)

(For additional videos presentations on OSLC, see program page for OSLC FEST: OSLC and Linked Data Unconference, which was held November 5 - 6, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Additional Background Presentations at IW 2019 on MoSSEC and STEP/PDES Projects at IW 2019

2019-01-27MoSSEC (AP243) StandardGreg Pollari (Collins Aerospace)
2019-01-28MBSE Data Standards - Engaging the IndustryMark Williams (Boeing)

Additional Background Presentations on Modelica Association Projects

2018-10-11FMI - Status and Outlook
2018-10-11System Structure and Parameterization (SSP) – Current Status and Plans
2018-10-11Distributed Co-Simulation Protocol

A recording of the meeting will be available on the SMSWG Collaborative Community. (SMSWG community access required. Request community membership using the "Get Involved (SMS Community)" page.