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Competency in Geotechnical Analysis

Competency in Geotechnical Analysis

For some years there has been a need in the geotechnical industry to address the inconsistent implementation of increasingly powerful numerical analysis software. Previous benchmark studies have suggested that the inconsistency is primarily a result of users of analysis software lacking the necessary competency.

The primary goal of COGAN project was to improve competency in geotechnical numerical analysis. One of the project deliverables which helps realise this goal is the COGAN Competency Tracker. The Competency Tracker is an online database of over 800 individual statements defining knowledge and skills that analysts and engineers require if they are to undertake geotechnical numerical analysis safely and efficiently. The majority of competence statements are linked to an educational reference to allow the tracker to be used as a framework for continuing professional development. 

The competencies found in the tracker are now maintained by the NAFEMS Geotechnical Working Group

Click to access the NAFEMS Geotechnical Competency Tracker

An Introduction to the COGAN Competency Tracker


Registering for the COGAN Competency Tracker - Guidance Video