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The Big Book Sale 2022

The Big NAFEMS Book Sale

The Big NAFEMS Book Sales has now finished.

For a limited time, we've slashed prices on a number of our best-selling printed publications, as well as discounting shipping costs.

There are a whole host of books on offer at exclusive prices to both members and non-members, but orders need to be placed and paid for no later than midnight on September 9th 2022 to lock-in these exclusive discounts.

Take a look at the list of available titles below. If you have a larger bulk-order requirement or special request, please get in touch with



NAFEMS MembersNon-membersNAFEMS MembersNon-members
A Designers' Guide to CFD£25£120£9£15
Engineering Simulation Quality Management Standard£20£90£9£20
International Journal of CFD Case Studies - Volume 12£23£68£9£15
How To - Obtain Material Properties for the Structural Analysis of Composites£18£75£9£15
How to Get Started with Simulation Process and Data Management£23£105£9£20
How to - Model Bolted and Riveted Joints£25£120£9£15
Engineering Simulation Quality Management Guidelines£25£120£9£15
Spreadsheet Management Survey Report£15£60£5£9
Crack Propagation Modelling£25£120£15£30
Business Value from Simulation Data Management - a Decade of Production Experience£20£90£9£20
Finite Element Analysis for Engineers - A Primer£25£120£9£20
How to perform Electromagnetic Finite Element Analysis?£25£120£9£20
How To Perform Linear Dynamics Analysis£30£120£9£20
NAFEMS Simulation Handbook - Structural Linear Statics£23£105£9£20
The NAFEMS Simulation Capability Survey 2013£5£15£3£5
The NAFEMS Composites Survey£28£85£9£15
Generation and Propagation of Sound in Solids and Fluids - Modern Analysis Methods in Acoustics£23£70£9£15
The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 1£20£90£9£15
Why Do Discrete Element Analysis£20£90£9£15
The NAFEMS Benchmark Challenge Volume 2£23£105£9£15
Current & Future Technologies in Automotive Engineering Simulation (CAE)£20£60£5£10
How to Build and Manage Simulation Engineer Competency£15£60£9£20
Finite Element Based Fatigue Calculations£23£105£9£20
State of the Art Review - Weld Simulation Using Finite Element Methods£10£28£5£10


Please note that this promotion is only applicable to the books listed above, and only applies to printed copies of the book, not digital download options. Offer ends September 9th 2022, at which time, the books will revert to their pre-promotional price.