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An Introduction to Hierarchical Displacement Element and the Adaptive TechniquePublicationRobinson. J
Engineering Simulation - Quality Management Systems - RequirementsPublicationSmith. J
Potential Benchmark Problems for Geometric Non-Linear Behaviour of 3-D Beams & ShellsPublicationKnowles. N
GEM - Improving Integration in Engineering AnalysisPublicationHelpenstein. H
Generic Engineering Analysis Model (GEM) - Data Requirements for Analysis ModellingPublicationGouez. J Boheas. M Miles. C
SAFESA Management GuidelinesPublicationSAFESA Consortium
How To Choose a Finite Element Analysis SystemPublicationBaguley. D Hose. D
The NAFEMS Simulation Capability Survey 2013PublicationNAFEMS Vendor Advisory Board
Introduction to Non-Linear Finite Element AnalysisPublicationHinton. E
Linear Static Benchmarks Volume 1PublicationHitchings. D