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  • Pre and Post-processing tools
  • Laminates tool

OptiStruct & RADIOSS

  • Analysis and optimisation software

MDS software suite

  • Multiscale progressive failure analysis
  • Multi-physics  capability
  • Stochastic analysis
  • Fatigue

Standalone and plug-in to FEA packages: Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, MDS-MACRO

Altair and its extensive partner network offer a comprehensive set of solutions for modelling composite structures including OptiStruct for the optimisation of the composite lay-up and RADIOSS for the analysis of performance. HyperWorks provides a rich environment for modeling composite materials.  Composite models can be set up in HyperMesh including full laminate definitions and results can be post-processed in HyperView.

With Multiscale Design Systems (MDS), Altair reinforces its composite expertise.  MDS composites solution is a software suite that provides multis

cale capabilities to commercial FE packages, such as multiscale analysis, multi-physics simulation, stochastic design and fatigue analysis.

MDS-C can be used for material characterisation at the pre-processing stage and multiscale analysis during the analysis stage.MDS-C has an extensible library of parametric unit cell to account for the complexity of composite materials, including fibre and particle reinforced material, woven and fabric composites. Further capa

bilities are available within additional modules: MDS-MP can be used for analysing coupled multi-physical processes, MDS-OP for microstructure optimisation, MDS-UQ (uncertainty quantification) for stochastic analysis and MDS-FT for fatigue life prediction. 

For more information, please visit:,Composites.aspx