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ESI Group

ESI Group


  • Preforming process of dry textiles
  • Thermoforming of pre-pregs materials


  • Liquid composites molding and curing


  • Manufacturing induced shape distortions

ESI Group offers a software suite for virtual prototyping. The industry-oriented applications allow the analysis and optimisation of the manufacturing processes of composite parts made of continuous fibres and thermoset or thermoplastic matrix. PAM-FORM can be used to simulate the forming and pre-forming process such as stamping between rigid molds and thermoforming.The process can then be improved based on the estimation of the final fibre orientation, thickness distribution, wrinkles, etc. PAM-RTM allows modelling the resin injection or infusion in a preform and identifying dry zones and porosities. PAM-RTM can also simulate the curing process and evaluate the curing time and temperature. PAM-DISTORTION can be used to compute the residual stresses and geometrical shape distortions induced by the manufacturing process. Phase transformations are taken into account as well as the cure history calculated with PAM-RTM.

The three simulation tools allow optimising each manufacturing operation separately and together as the material history can be transferred from one analysis to the next one.

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ESI Group Composites manufacturing simulation solution – Courtesy of ESI Group

ESI Group