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MSC Software

MSC Software

Nastran and MARC

  • Progressiveply failure
  • Delaminationmodelling with CZM, VCCT
  • Optimisation

Patran Laminate Modeler

  • Draping simulation


MSC Software Composites Solution includes two FE solvers, Nastran and MARC and multiple add-ons tools for manufacturing process simulation,progressive failure analysis and optimisation. MSC Nastran can be used for analysing the performance of composite structures such as laminates, sandwich panels and nano-composites. With built-in damage models and numerous failure criteria, MSC Nastran can help the engineers investigating the ply failure. The progressive failure of bonds and delamination can be predicted using VCCT orCZM. Advanced composites modelling capabilities are available through the use of Digimat Software suite.

MSC Software offers a dedicated module named Laminate Modeler integrated in the pre/post processing software: Patran for the creation of complex models, the definition of lay-ups and the simulation of draping.  Additional built-in capabilities are also available in MSC Nastran and MARC for simulating the manufacturing process and accounting for manufacturing defects when evaluating the performance of the composite material.

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