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  • Extensive material library
  • Laminate/panel/cylinderdesign
  • Advanced failure criteria

FEA packages supported: Abaqus, ANSYS, I-DEAS, LS-DYNA, Nastran, NISA, OptiStruct

ESAComp software by Componeering Inc. is a toolbox for composite designers and analysts. Commonly performed analyses cover linear static stress/strain prediction, nonlinearity, buckling and failure of laminates and shell structures. Robustness of laminates can be assessed by probabilistic analysis.

In ESA Comp, composite beams, panels, cylinders and joints are defined by a few geometry parameters and laminate selections allowing quick design iterations. ESAComp integrates with commercial FEA codes to serve as pre-processing tools for materials and lay-ups, then post-processing tool to perform advanced failure analyses. ESA Comp also provides solutions for composite pressure vessel simulation and has an extensive materials data base with 1000+ material systems from major material suppliers.

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ESAComp filament winding process simulation tool – Courtesy ofComponeering Inc.