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  • TRUE Multiscale™  Composite Analysis
  • Progressive Damage Modelling
  • Non-Idealized Microstructural Modelling
  • Chopped, Woven, Unidirectional and Particulate Composites
  • Implicit and Explicit Multiscale Solvers

Standalone and add-ons for Abaqus and Ansys

MultiMechanics creates finite element based TRUE MultiscaleTM analysis software, specifically designed for the static and dynamic structural analysis of composites.  The core of the technology is the breakthrough methods used to perform progressive damage analysis on virtual composite microstructures. MultiMech integrates with Moldflow/Moldex, Hyperworks, Abaqus, and Ansys to 
provide a seamless multiscale analysis workflow. 

The core of the technology is in the accurate, phenomenological modelling of composite microstructural behaviour.  The MultiMech tool lets engineers generate realistic, non-idealized Finite Element representations of a material microstructure and rapidly simulate how the individual constituents interact with each other and produce a constitutive response.  

This microstructural model is then directly linked to a global scale part using what is known as TRUE Multiscale Analysis™. “True” because both scales are Finite Element based and not governed by an analytical equation.

Using proprietary techniques for enhanced speed and accuracy, the local and global scale models exchange information at each timestep and integration point to give engineers an unmatched level of accuracy and information about their composite’s behaviour.

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