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  • Progressive damage models
  • Failure analysis with CZM, VCCT and X-FEM
  • Multi-physics capability

Composites Modeller for Abaqus (CMA)

  • Draping simulation

CZone for Abaqus 

  • Crash simulation

Abaqus is a FEA product suite that offers powerful solutions for analysing composite structures. The Composites Lay-up Tool allows an easy creation of the laminate. Various failure criteria and progressive material degradation models can be used to investigate the ply failure initiation and propagation. Delamination and bond failure can be simulated using CZM or VCCT. Advanced modelling methods such as the extended Finite Element Method (X-FEM)and built-in subroutines can be used to capture the complex mechanisms of the failure in composites including UD, fabrics and sandwich composites. The two solvers, Standard and Explicit, allow analysing static, cyclic and dynamic events while accounting for coupled multi-physical phenomena.

Dassault Systèmes also offers add-on tools to augment the capabilities of Abaqus such as the Composites Modeller for Abaqus (CMA) and CZone for Abaqus that are integrated into the Abaqus user interface: Abaqus/CAE. CMA provides advanced model building capabilities including draping simulation and property generation. CZone can be used for advanced crush simulation of energy-absorbing structures made of laminated composites. CZone can be coupled with the extended Abaqus capabilities to analyse crashworthiness for the automotive and aerospace industry.

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Crashtest  - Comparison between FE modelpredictions (top) and test results (bottom)

Crashtest  - Comparison between FE modelpredictions (top) and test results (bottom) – Courtesy of Dassault Systèmes