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e-Xstream Engineering

e-Xstream Engineering

Digimat software suite

  • Digimat-MF: mean-field homogenization fornon-linear modelling of composites
  • Digimat-FE: advanced micromechanics basedapproach for material characterisation
  • Digimat-MX: material exchange platform for datastorage and reverse engineering
  • Digimat-CAE: interface between all major FEAcodes, Digimat material models and manufacturing simulation results
  • Digimat-MAP: geometrical tool for field transferbetween dissimilar meshes
  • Digimat-HC: standalone solution for early designof sandwich structures
  • Digimat-RP: integrative solution for easy andefficient SFRP coupled analysis set up
  • Digimat-VA: productive solution for CFRP virtualallowable prediction

FEA packages supported: Abaqus, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, MARC, Nastran, OptiStruct, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS, SAMCEF, Digimat-CAE

Digimat, developed bye-Xstream engineering, an MSC software company offers a wide range of micromechanical modelling solutions applicable to virtually any kind of composite material and structures, whether made of SFRP, LFRP, CFRP, nanocomposites or discontinuous long fibre composites.

Digimat software suite provides an interconnected tool set for both material and structural engineering. Material engineers have the choice between two homogenization techniques to predict the behaviour of composite based on their microstructure,namely mean-field (Digimat-MF) and finite-element based homogenization(Digimat-FE). Digimat-MF combines accuracy with efficiency. Such material models allow structural engineers to run fast and robust non-linear coupled analysis with all the major FEA codes (Digimat-CAE) taking into account the effect of manufacturing such as fibre orientation and volume fraction to evaluate various performances of a part including stiffness, strength, impact and creep.

Digimat also offers solutions to simplify the daily tasks of engineers modelling composite materials and structures. Digimat-RP enables an easy setup of a coupled analysis of plastic part, bridging the gap between process and structure.Digimat-HC is dedicated to virtual testing of honeycomb structures. Finally,the latest module Digimat-VA brings progressive analysis of CFRP and non-linear FEA in one integrated solution to efficiently predict virtual allowables of CFRP coupons, taking into account material and process variability.

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