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  • Material models for UD, fabrics, foams and honeycombs
  • Extensive element library
  • Multi-physics coupling
  • Crash behaviour

LS-DYNA is a FE code capable of solving highly linear transient problems using explicit time integration. With more than 130 material models, a wide range of materials can be analysed including fabric and sandwich composites. Composite material models are available for shell and brick elements and describe the failure initiation and propagation based on damage mechanics. LS-DYNA can be used for simulating the progressive material degradation and crash behaviour.
LSTC offers specialised features developed for the automotive and aerospace industries such as specific tools for crashworthiness simulation,blade containment and bird strike analysis.

LSTC also developed a dedicated pre and post processing software LS-PrePost, and an optimisation tool, LS-OPT. 

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